July 1, 2011

Young Justice: Shirtless Aqualad

I'm currently going though Young Justice withdrawal because it's been a while since we've gotten a new episode. What the hell, Cartoon Network?! So let's revisit an early episode featuring a shirtless Aqualad. Kaldur looses his shirt when he goes underwater to fight Mister Twister in "Welcome to Happy Harbor". I must say, before I watched the show, I was worried that they'd make him into an annoying Marty Stu type character (ala Spyke from X-Men: Evolution) since he's originally not in the comic book, but he actually turned out to be a pretty cool character.


Miky said...

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Tks, ciao!

DAN said...

I'm liking the new Aqualad more and more, but still miss Garth alot in the comics.

pandesal said...

@Miky, I'm considering linking to your sites, dude.

@DAN, I miss Garth too. His death was totally pointless. I'm not a fan of the DC relaunch in September, but I hope he gets ressurected in the DCnU.

Miky said...

Thank's man! Let me know if yuo decide so, i'll do the same...


PeruAlonso1 said...

For the next upcoming screencaps, here's what I'd like to see:

Shirtless Ben
Images of Ben in 3 different color swimsuits

Shirtless Kevin
Images of Kevin in his swimsuit and Kevin in his undies after being cured of his second mutation twice.

pandesal said...

@PeruAlonzo1, I assume that you're talking about Ben10 characters. Do you happen to know which episodes they appear shirtless? Thanks.

PeruAlonso1 said...

Ben is seen shirtless in The Krakken, A Small Problem, Divided We Stand, Big Fat Alien Wedding, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, and In Charm's Way.

Kevin is seen shirtless in What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Trade-Off, The Final Battle Part 2, and Absolute Power Part 2. I forgot to include the UA season finale.

pandesal said...

Wow, thanks for all the info PeruAlonso1. Looks like I'm gonna be busy making a lot of caps!


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