January 23, 2013

Spider-Man & Kaine Gunshow!

Brendan shares with us another great commissioned piece featuring Peter Parker & his clone Kaine bare-chested and flexing their muscles! (I love it!). He contributes to this awesome block called Looks like a job for which features superheroes stripping out of their clothes!

Here's some background info on this piece according to Brendan:

Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man, and his brother Kaine, a.k.a The Scarlet Spider, peel down and tie off their respective costumes at the waist in order to have a friendly competition as to who has got the bigger muscles. Hard to choose between them. Artwork by Lan Medina, who has contributed his pencils to Marvel Comics.

Colossus: Naked & Sweaty

Our buddy Craig has added a new masterpiece to his great collection of Beefcake commissions. This piece was drawn by Joe Phillips and features a naked & sweaty Colossus! You can visit Craig's website Wednesday Heroes where you can also order commisions from a selection of artist.

Naked Juggernaut!

Naked Juggernaut! In animated form! Special thanks to Croup for sharing these caps from the Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series. Check out his awesome blog Soup Goblin's Stash (NSFW!)

According to Croup:
This one is from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. In episode 14, Spider-Man and friends try to stop the "Awesome Android", a creature which can grow exponentially from consuming inorganic matter. They must also contend with Juggernaut, who was seen rampaging in the city earlier in the episode. 
Having difficulty dealing with both at once, the team instead pits them against each other by tricking Juggernaut into attacking the android. But even the Unstoppable Juggernaut's attack does little good, and the android lifts him like a bug before swallowing him up! The heroes look on, horrified, as Juggernaut becomes merely a bulge in the gray monster's body, traveling down his length until he . . . is expelled out from the foot, completely naked.
Lacking his helmet, Juggs is then punched out by Spider-Man with a mighty blow. :D And later on he is lead away in cuffs. Apparently the police had some shorts on hand for him to borrow . . .

Grim Reaper Nudity

Here's a scan featuring the Grim Reaper from the pages of Lethal Legion IV. Seems that o' GR was in the mood for some nudity & murder. Many thanks to Secondlife Superhero for sharing this scans with us. You can visit her Photobucket albums here.

Aquaman: Athlantean Stud

Here are some scans from Aquaman #11, in which the strapping Arthur Curry is shirtless in both the flashbacks & the present day story! I swear this book is spoiling us with all the great beefcake, and we are grateful for it. Ivan Reis' Aquaman is gorgeous. 

Strong Guy: Naked in Public!

Our good friend Croup over at Soup Goblin's Stash (NSFW) sent in these great scans featuring Strong Guy. some nice CFNM & public nudity right here!

Accordinf to Croup:
They feature Guido Carosella, aka Strong Guy, getting ready to take a shower. Before he can step into the tub though, he's nabbed by his former boss (and interstellar teleporter) Lila Cheney! It seems she wants him back in her employ as bodyguard . . . and thinks the best way to convince him is to parade him around naked in front of an alien rock concert? I'm not quite sure I follow her logic, but you've gotta give her credit for style.  
Afterwards he's teleported back and his naked butt is then seen by Polaris, who doesn't seem to really mind! All in all, a good day for the ladies of X-Factor. 

Mass Effect 3: Shepard Visits Kaidan

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard visits an injured Kaidan after their mission to Mars. I'm happy to report that shirtless seems to be the dress code for male patients admitted to Huerta Memorial Hospital. Damn, Kaidan looks hot.

The Ray Naked

Time for some Post-Flashpoint beefcake! These scans are from The Ray #1. This limited series does not focus on any of the older incarnations of the hero, rather it introduces a new character, Lucien Gates, a Korean-American Lifeguard who's powers newly acquired powers usually burns off his clothes. What a great excuse to show some beefcake! 


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