March 29, 2014

Bearded Marvel Boy in Underwear

Young Avengers #11 features a bearded Noh-Varr clad only in briefs & corresponding with one of his exes. Gotta love that Jamie McKelvie art, he makes Noh (and all the other characters) look so hot. Many thanks to Arion for sharing these scans with us.

The Darkness vs Eva: Dracula's Daughter

Jackie Estacado looks scrumptious in these shirtless (and workout) scenes from the The Darkness vs Eva: Dracula's Daughter limited series. Special thanks to Dwight for these scans!

Shirtless Cyclops & Wolverine vs The Brood, Part 1

Two shirtless X-Men in one issue! In Astonishing X-Men #32, the team takes on both the Brood, who tear Wolverine's shirt off. Meanwhile Cylops spend some shirtless time in the infirmity after being injured.

Shirtless Nova's Deadly Date

In New Warriors Vol. 1 #41, Laura Dunham holds a shirtless Rich Rider in her arms, proclaiming that he's dead. Luckily Air Walker uses his powers to revive him. That Laura is such a drama queen!

Flyboy Flying Naked

Arion shares with us these scans from J. Michael Straczynski's Sidekick #2 featuring Flyboy letting it all hang out.

Bare-Chested Black Knight

Black Knight is a character who is usually covered from head to toe, so it was at treat so see him work out (and make out) shirtless in Avengers #350.

Gabmit Shirtless in the Jungle

In Gambit #3, Gambit & a mysterious & sexy ally, Joelle travel to Guatemala. More importanly they change clothes in from of each other, also Gambit take his shirt of in the Jungle. Got to love that gratuious Remy LeBeau beefcake! 

Rick Jones in a Towel

In Incredible Hulk #415, Rick Jones is having a Shower of Angst when an uninvited guest turns up... his great, great Granddaughter!

March 17, 2014

Captain America's Shirtless Workout

Here are some scans from Uncanny Avenger #5 featuring a bare-chested Captain America working out. I must say, this looks familiar, a homage perhaps? Too bad Cap isn't in briefs like Dick was (Heh, Dick in briefs). Special thanks to our friend Arion, for sharing these scans.

The Darkness & Witchblade Get Busy

Here are some scan from Artifacts featuring Jackie Estacado & Sarah Picini (?) aka Witchblade having sex. Its a little NSFW so I'm gonna post it as a thumbnail, just click on the image to view it. And for Darkness fans out there, there are more scans on the way courtesy of Dwight. Thanks for sharing!

Colossus Bondage

Time for some good old fashion X-Men bondage! Here's Colossus from the cover of Cable & X-Force #6

Shirtless Wonder Man

In Avengers Vol. 1 #165, Count Nefaria disposes of Wonder Man's shirt in one swift blow! Though who can blame him. Simon's costume in this era was hideous! I love the hairy Chest though.

Bruce Banner Beefcake

While I don'r really consider the Hulk as beefcake (not a fan of green bulky muscles), I do  find his alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner to be quite the eye candy. I used to look forward to when the Hulk changes  back to human form. The following scans are from The Incredible Hulk #210.

March 9, 2014

Superman Shirtless in Justice League: Doom

In Justice League: Doom, Superman gets shot using a Kryptonite bullet, to save his life, Cyborg & the Martian Manhunter perform emergency surgery... while Supes is shirtless in the middle of a street. That can't be sanitry.


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