April 24, 2008

Adam Warlock in Annihilation Conquest

Adam Warlock looks mighty fine in Annihilation Conquest! Special thanks to Jharen for sharing this slice of intergalactic beefcake with us.

Yorick Brown: Naked again, for the first time

Here are more scans featuring the last man on Earth, Yorick Brown. These scans are from Y:The Last Man #7, and if I recall correctly this is the first instance in which Mr. Brown appears bare ass naked. No frontal this time though. Special thanks to Tim for sharing these full-page scans with us.

Wolverine: Weapon X

Get X shares with us a couple of images of Wolverine, featuring our favorite hairball wearing what I like to call as his "Weapon X escape outfit", which primarily consists of a helmet, some wires and strategically placed equipment to hide his dangly bits. Its strange that in the first image he is smooth but in the second one, he appears hairy (just as we like him).

Angel in a Jacket

Dave in NJ sent in this beautiful scan of featuring Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, aka Archangel (aka stud muffin) from Uncanny X-Men #496. And as Dave said in his email: "There's something about pictures of men with bare chests under an open jacket that I think is particularly sexy."

Alfred's Workout

No, this is not the Alfred Pennyworth we all know and love, this is the Alfred from Frank Miller's All-Star Batman & Robin, a comic we all know and hate (well, I do anyway). In this twisted universe, Alred seems to be as beefed up as his employer. This Bat-scan was brought to you by meicdon13.

Iron Man: "Come and Get It, Gorgeous."

That Tony Stark is quite the hunk, and he knows it! Look what he says int this panel as his armor is removed. Many thanks to Lagosta of Hot Fictional Guys for this image!

April 14, 2008

Vallejo Art

Anonymous T send in these pretty, pretty pics drawn by Boris Vallejo. Now thats what I call beefcake!

So Super Duder (Independent Comic)

Normally this blog posts images of mainstream comic book beefcake, but recently an independent comic creator named Brian Andersen, creator of So Super Duper, sent me scans featuring characters from his comic. He especially drew these just for this blog! Thanks Brian.

You can learn more about So Super Duper on the official website.

Nightwing & Nite-Wing

Here are a few scans featuring the ever hunky Nightwing and the sociopathic guy who bares a similar name. These scans of the Bludhaven boys was brought to you by Jharen.

The Origin of Luke Cage

Luke Cage looks pretty hot in this full-page scan from Dermie.

According to him:
Here is a recap of Luke Cage's origin from the "House of M" alternate reality in the HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS miniseries. ALthough there is much about this reality that is different from the regular Marvel Universe, Luke's origin actually stays pretty close to the original version.

Villains in Tubes

Get X shares with us some villainous beefcake featuring a couple of bad guys in plexiglass cylinders! Thanks for sharing.

First up, Sabertooth!

And now, Bio-Broily!

April 10, 2008

Titans #1: Beast Boy & The Flash

The New Teen Titans-era team is back! Yay! And they're hotter that ever, thanks to art by Ian Churchill.

Ever since the Wolfman/Perez run, the Titans have been a great source of beefcake and cheesecake. I'm happy to report that this tradition is alive and will in the current series. in Titans #1 alone we got Gar in bed, Wally in the shower and Kory fully nude! You'd have to go elsewere for the last one though. This blog has a strict "beefcake only" policy ;)

Special thanks to her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire for these great scans.

Here's the ever hairy Gar, love the sideburns.

And now Mr. Wally West. Check out the ginder armpit hair!

Aric of Dacia, XO Manowar

Here's some gratuious nudity from Valiant Comic's resident visogoth barbarian cum futuristic armor wearer, Aric of Dacia aka XO Manowar. Look at all them pretty bare butt shots! Special thanks to Get X for sharing these scans with us.

Spider-Man: Animated Symbiote Saga

Here are some animated Spider-Man beefcake from the 90's animated series. This was during the Symbiote saga, Peter has had it with the creepy black liquid costume and gets rid of it by standing next to a giantic ringing bell. These cans were brought to you by Azzurro, who has a new yahoo group called Spider-Man in Danger.

Rocksteady & Bebop

Time for some anthropomorphic beefcake. Here are Rocksteady and Bebop wearing nothing but fig leaves. Scans courtesy of big TMNT fan Mikey, check out his TMNT site.

According to him:
The second set of images is from TMNT Adventures #24 (1991) titled "Gimme Danger!" by Dean Clarrain, pencils by Garret Ho.

Bebop and Rocksteady had last been seen in issue #13. They had been banished to the Eden World of Dimension X by the warlord Cherubae. Although they liked their new digs, they missed the city and when Krang showed up with his new pals Slash and Bellybomb, they decided to hitch a ride back to Earth.

There are several more images of them fighting the TMNT wearing only fig leaves, but the pencils by Jim Lawson aren't terrific.

Naked OMAC

Vespa311 sent in these scans of a naked OMAC from the current Batman & The Outsiders series. Thundra is a spoil sport.

Some Kyle Rayner Shirtlessness

Jharen shares with us a couple of Kyle scans featuring my favorite Green Lantern waking up in the morning and hanging out at the beach.


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