October 31, 2010

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 10

Time to revisit the good old Marvel Swimsuit Specials! Like I've said in the past, part of what makes the MSS so freaking awesome is that male superheroes are prominently featured as well.  It's 50% beefcake, unlike other swimsuit editions out there that feature mostly heroines. I wish they'd come out with a new edition! Until then, let's look relive the eye candy!

Avengers assemble... for tug of war!

Furry, smooth, furry, smooth.

Patriotic swimwear.

Namor & Namorita in Guice(?)


Cyke on the Couch, Wolvie Attacked

The following scans are from Uncanny X-Men #509, which was traced by drawn by Greg Land. In the first 3 scans, Northstar, dazzler and Pixie find a shirtless Cyclops sleeping on the couch.

And here we have Wolverine woken up from his shirtless slumber and attacked by Lady Deathstrike and Madelyne Prior.

Superman & Booster Gold

These scans are from Justice League America #70, the first part of the Funeral for a Friend story-arc. It starts immediately after the death of Superman so we see his (mostly) shirtless body. During a previous fight with Doomsday, Booster Gold's costume was also damaged and (thankfully) he didn't bother to put on a shirt for the whole issue, even when he's just hanging around the hospital waiting for Blue Beetle to wake up.

Edited on 6/20/18, images replaced with better scans.


Bonus: Condor!

Alix Covers

Here are a few covers from the Alix, a Franco-Belgian comic created by Jacques Martin. It is set in the late Roman Republic era.The titular hero and his friend Enak are habitually shirtless.

October 29, 2010

Enter Killian

Here are some scans from Fathom #0 & #1, featuring the first appearance of Killian (plus some other scantily clad Blue warriors in the background).

Arion vs Wyynde (Again)

Boy, for a couple of allies, Arion and Wyynde sure fight a lot. These scans from Arion: Lord of Altantis #23 show the boys fighting gladiator style. I'd like to dedicate this post to Hushicho, who is an Arion fan.

Just some other warriors... in thongs.

And here, Arion just took of his shirt for no reason. I love his casual shirtlessness.


Maganetic Kid & Mon-El

These scans are from Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #24. The first 3 pics are of Magnetic Kid (brother of Cosmic Boy) in the Gym's Pool. even is speedos are purple.

And here we have Mon-El, shirtless and in bed with Shadow Lass.

Dick Grayson in a Robe

In New Titans #65, Tim Drake, who at that point was just starting his career as the third Robin, visited Dick for some additional training. Much reminiscing and brotherly tousling of hair ensue.  Dick's not really shirtless, but he is wearing a rob.


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