April 19, 2009

Achilles from Wonder Woman

Time for some greek mythology eye candy, Jimmy shares with us this scan form Wonder Woman #30 featuring the first appearance of Achilles, and he appears naked!

Astonishing Beefcake

Here are a couple of scans from the pages of Astonishing X-Men, featuring Cyclops in bed with Emma Frost and a shirtless Colossus with (shirtless?!) Shadowcat. These scans were brought to you by Cyke.

EDIT: According to my fellow shirtless superheroes enthusiast, Xavier, Kitty actually accidentally phased during orgasm!

Faust: Nudity and Sex!

Terry shares with us more scans from the delightfully raunchy Avatar Press comic, Faust: Love od the Damned. Be warned, these scans feature sexual situations and full frontal nudity, so click on the thumbnails at your own risk.

Captain Britain in Pajamas

Brian Braddock is one hunk o' man, and its nice that he likes to show it off. Here are a couple of scenes featuring the good captain, wearing pajama bottoms. Scans courtesy of Elliot.

And here, we have the good Captain's crazy ass brother, Jamie Braddock is his regular attire: a banana hammock.

Skrull Captain America

Tranetrax shares with us these scans featuring the Skrull Captain America, before and after transformation from New Avengers #43.

Gareth Tortured

I miss CrossGen comics. Terry sent in these scans featuring one of my favorite CrossGen hunk, Gareth from Sojourn... in bondage!

And as a bonus, here are a few other CrossGen hunks. BTW, i vehemently disagree with this ad!

April 12, 2009

X-Men on the Beach

Cyke shares with us these rare scans from X-Men Trading cards featuring Scott, Jean, Warren and Besty having some fun in the sun.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 9

Elliot sreas with us more scasn from the Marvel Swimsuit Specials form yesteryears.

Namor (and Namorita)


Namor agian (looking creepy)

The Hulk

Doc Samson

More Summers Men

Here are three of the Summers men in various states of undress.

Cyclops in a towel. This scan was brought to you by Cyke.
Havok wakes up, scan courtesy of Jharen.

And here's Nate X-Man Grey in nothing but boxers.

The Men of Team 7

Terry shares with us scans from Gen 12, a limited series featuring the men of Team 7.

Heres Deathblow in bed with Gaby.

A shirtless Grifter sparring with Zealot.

Booster Gold and Warlord

Tribal44 sent in these scans featuring two of my favorite DC hunks.

Due to some temporal hijinx a fully clothed Booster teams up a barely clothed version of himself.

And here we have Warlord, who is "so sexy with his grey hair and wearing nearly nothing" according to Tribal44.

Assorted DC Hunks

Elliot shares with us some great DC scans, butt naked DC scans:

Some naked dude form Miracle Man #6. Nice ass shot.
EDIT: The "dude" is actually Miracle Man himself. Special thanks to friendlyHELPER for the info.
And speaking of gratuitous ass shots, here is Dr. Manhattan freaking out Silk Spectre.
A very hairy Halkwman.

Flex Mentallo, The Man of Muscle Mystery,

Bonus: Wildcat's ass!

Marvel Martial Artists

Marvel comics isn't all about mutant powers and super soldiers, there are some pretty good martial artist that populate Earth-616 too, Jharen shares with us these scans featuring Marvel's most famous fighters.

First up, "The Master of Kung-Fu" himself, Shang Chi.

Here's Luke Cage with his shirt off, showing of his hairy chest.
And last but not least, a shirtless Iron fist sparring with White Tiger.

April 8, 2009

Angel Fights in Boxers

No, this post does not feature the X-Men's Warren Warthington III, the Angel in these scans is the vampire with a soul, denizen of the Whedonverse. Here he is fighting a (naked?) chick. These scans form Angel: After the Fall are courtesy of Terry.

Injured Prometheus

Jharen sent in these scans featuring a naked (and very badly injured) Prometheus, a JLA villain.


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