April 12, 2009

Assorted DC Hunks

Elliot shares with us some great DC scans, butt naked DC scans:

Some naked dude form Miracle Man #6. Nice ass shot.
EDIT: The "dude" is actually Miracle Man himself. Special thanks to friendlyHELPER for the info.
And speaking of gratuitous ass shots, here is Dr. Manhattan freaking out Silk Spectre.
A very hairy Halkwman.

Flex Mentallo, The Man of Muscle Mystery,

Bonus: Wildcat's ass!


Xavier said...

Can we ask for more bonuses like that? Meow!

friendlyHELPER said...

That isn't some "dude", Pandie, it's Miracle Man aka Marvel Man aka Mike Moran himself.

Anonymous said...

Miracle Man and Dr.Manhattan were both created by Alan Moore. He definitely has a penchant for writing scenes featuring naked men.


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