July 29, 2011

Wolverine in Briefs

Poor Logan can't get a break. Our favorite favorite adamantium-laced just wants to get some sleep (in a pair of sexy briefs), but he can't since he and Cyclops have to go to Switzerland. I must say, I like this cute little scene, especially considering these two will suposedly be at each others throats by the end of this limited series. Special thanks to Myke for sharing this scan from X-Men: Schisms #1 with us.

July 28, 2011

Batman (Dick Grayson) Injured

Brooklyn sent in these scans from Batman #712, in which a beefy looking Dick Grayson recovers in the Batcave after his encounters with Two-Face & the Riddler, as well as a run in with a truck. I'm really gonna miss Dick as Batman, but I guess his return to his Nightwing persona will give us more opportunities for butt shots (no more cape to obsure the view).

Ka-Zar & Angel

Here are a couple more blond Marvel hunks courtesy of Arion.

First, we have a couple of scans from Ka-Zar #1 featuring the titular loincloth-clad hero and his family. This limited series is currently running.

And here , we have a couple of covers from the Angel: Revelations limited series in which Warren looks like he's anorexic or something.

Teen Titans Swimming

Here are two generations of Teen Titans in what has become a time honored Titans tradition... swimming in the Titan's Pool!

First up we have the popular 1980's New Teen Titans. Here are Dick (Robin) and Wally (Kid Flash) in all their speedo-clad glory! Oh, and for the cheesecake lovers out there, Donna's in a swimsuit too. From New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #16.

Edited on 6/17/18 - Images replaced with better quality scans.

Next we have the "Jurgens" Titans from Teen Titans Vol. 3 #6. The team has just finished moving into their new HQ, and you know what that means, it's time to take a dip in the pool. The de-aged Atom & Risk are my favorite members of this team.  

(Edited on 04/19/2019 to replace scans).

New Mutants on the Beach

icon-uk shares with us this cans from New Mutants Annual # 3 , in which our young students are on the beach.

According to icon-uk:
Sam, Bobby and Doug a la Alan Davis courtesy of New Mutants Annual #3, and Doug having his famous "Gosh these are tight trunks" moment.
Heh, Doug should just keep walking behind Roberto so that no one would notice his boner. LOL

The Human Torch & The Thing's Thing

Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch wakes up from a nightmare and then showers in Fantastic Four #236. Special thanks to DAN for letting us know about this one.

And here's Spider-Man getting an eyeful of the Thing's thing! Also, Ben Grim is a Lady Gaga fan?! This hilarious scan was brought to you by Croup.

Captain Britain on Trial Part 3

This is the (belated) third post in the "Captain Britain on Trial" series. Click here for parts one & two. In Excalibur #47, Brian is actually no longer on Trial but he's still in Otherworld. More I'm importantly, he's still walking around shirtless, showing of his manly, manly chest! I love how no one thought to give him a shirt.

 Edited on 03/28/2019: Replaced images with better quality 

Killraven by Alan Davis

Let's take a moment here to spotlight just how much hotter Alan Davis made Killraven and his crew in his Killraven 2002 limited series. For those not in  the know, Killraven is from one of Marvel's post-apocalyptic futures (usually from Earth-691), in which Earth has been invaded by Martians. His first costume was pretty sexy, since he basically wore half a shirt. Well in Killraven, Mr. Davis gives him  an even sexier outfit! He got rid of the pants all together and Killraven and the gang seem to be clad in Warlord of Mars inspired costumes!

It was later revealed that this not the same Killraven we've read about in the past but an alternate interpretation of the character from yet another dimension, Earth-2120.

Marvel Anime: X-Men Finale

Screencaps from the twelfth and final episode of Marvel: Anime X-Men, in which Cyclops suffers from some clothing damage courtesy of the big bad, Takeo, Professor X's son (dun, dun dun!) Thanks for ripping his clothes half off, Takeo.

 Edited on 9/20/2019, images replaced with better quality screencaps


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