June 17, 2018

Batman in Undies Part 3

Batman #32 features the end of the War of Jokes & Riddles storyarc. More importantly, its the issue in which Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle get engaged. But even more importantly, they spend the whole issue in their undies! Mikel Janin's Bruce Wayne is so hot. 

Steve Trevor Clothing Damage

I loved Wonder Woman Year One, the current (Rebirth) origin story of the titular character, now with more Steve Trevor beefcake! Wonder Woman #12 & 14 gives us our last dose of shirtless Steve as drawn by Nicola Scott. I love how he's unapologetically the main source of fanservice in this book. They always find a way to get his shirt off!

Shirtless Havok in Hawaii

In X-Factor Vol. 1 #103, Havok is moping around Hawaii after quitting the team, and is reflecting about Multiple Man's death. Polaris managed to track him down & they actually have a lovely day together. But this being and X-Men title, of course things don't end well. Alex winds up possessed by Malice.

Casually shirtless Nightwing

Some nice fanservice in Nightwing #44. A casually shirtless Dick Grayson talks to Batgirl on the phone. Later in the issue, he rips his shirt off as he some robot implants itself in him.

Ultimate Wolverine Shirtless

In X-Men Blue #8, Jimmy Hudson aka Ultimate Wolverine (son of that reality's Logan) heals quickly after being badly injured by Havok. Nice to see that he inherited his father's healing factor, his perchant for shitlessness & the indestructible pants trope.

Naked Tempest

A naked Tempest wakes up & turns his bedsheets into his brand new costume in Tempest #2. Now, thats just lazy Garth.

Bare-Chested Havok

In X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #3, a shirtless Havok has a bit of an existential crisis.


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