June 17, 2018

Steve Trevor Clothing Damage

I loved Wonder Woman Year One, the current (Rebirth) origin story of the titular character, now with more Steve Trevor beefcake! Wonder Woman #12 & 14 gives us our last dose of shirtless Steve as drawn by Nicola Scott. I love how he's unapologetically the main source of fanservice in this book. They always find a way to get his shirt off!


Fábio (LGBT Comics) said...

My love for Steve Trevor has never been so big as in Rebirth and in the movie. And Nicola Scott is always willing to leave him with as few clothes as possible! I love it!!! hahaha

Jay Pandesal said...

Yeah, I love that he's now more prominent in Rebirth. And yes, Nicola serves good beefcake. lol


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