October 26, 2007


My computer crashed! I hope that the problem will be resolved within the week. Sorry For the inconvenience.

October 24, 2007


Some Thunderbolts beefcake scans courtesy of Dermie!

According to him:
Atlas from THUNDERBOLTS #13. The T-Bolts are trapped on Kosmos, and Erik is recapping his experience with the Kosmosians for his teammates, up to the point where he was rescued from Kosmos by Zemo and the others (in the last Atlas scans I sent you). It seems the Kosmosians like Atlas with his clothes off, since in the incident he was in his briefs, and the next time he was naked. Unfortunately he manages to keep his clothes on during this visit.

Shirtless Wolf-Man

No, this post is not about the beloved comic book writer Marv Wolfman running around topless, rather it features the Astounding Wolf-Man. These scan are brought to you by Vespa331.

According her:
Nothing like a comic about werewolves for ripped-shirt action. Bonus to this comic is, the main guy also spends all his time at home shirtless. Totally gratuitous.

October 23, 2007

Pants-less Superheroes

Well here's something different for this blog, superheroes missing the bottom part of their clothes.

Here's Conner looking adorable, with his lip print boxers and kitty flip-flops.

And here's The Ray, who has burned his pants off. This scan is brought to you by Elliot.

Son of Juggernaut

No this is not the Juggernaut. So who is it? Well, it's the Juggernaut's son, bitch!!! (You knew that was coming didn't you?)

Special thanks to Jimmy for this scan. You can visit his blogs here & here.

October 22, 2007

Kyle Rayner Freed From Parallax

In Green Lantern V4 #24, Parallax is exorcised from Kyle's body, leaving the Green Lantern stud naked.

Here's a little panel that shows Guy Gardner generating some pants for Kyle. I find it interesting that he didn't give him a shirt or shoes or anything else, I guess even Guy knows that showing off as much of Kyle's skin as possible is a good thing ;)

The Flash's Fruity Briefs

No, Wally West didn't voluntarily go out in public wearing this hideous little number. He was being mind controlled. However, I wonder what his excuse is for putting in on in the first place! But still, Wally? Hot! From Justice League America/International #59.

October 21, 2007

Nightwing Hoses Himself

I believe that Nightwing is the DC Universe's biggest slice of beef. He's all about the gratuitous shirtlessness! Smart boy, he knows how to make his fanbase happy. Here's a perfect example: in Azrael #13, Dick shows up to spar with a recently injured Azrael to see if he's recovered. In the middle of a conversation he takes of his shirt, faces the reader and starts hosing himself down. Nice! The only drawback is that this was during the ponytail years, but we'll take any Nightwing beef we can get.

And as a bonus, I bring to you the Dick Grayson Estrogen Brigade. Some guests at Donna Troy's wedding drooling over Dickie Boy. I wonder why they're not ogling Bruce's ass too. He's no slouch. (New Teen Titans V1 #50).

Captain America Suits Up

So Cap is back from the dead. That didn't take very long did it? I didn't even have time to miss him. Well, let's celebrate his return with some beefcake shall we? Dermie shares with us this scan from Captain America V3 #9. Steve Rogers changing into his uniform... while Sharon Carter watches him in the mirror. Lucky girl ;)

EDIT: False alarm, kids. Dermie informed me that while Captain America will be back, Steve Rogers will stay dead. No resurrection will take place, its a totally different character behind the mask.

October 20, 2007

Ultraman Naked

More CFNM. From a member of the Superman Family! Sort of. From Supergirl V5 #8. Kal-El of the bottled city of Kandor, who may also be Ultraman (supervillain and originally Earth-3's Clark Kent) naked with a bunch of Kryptonian chicks! CFNM rocks! I love these kinds of scenarios. Many thanks to Vespa331 for sharing these with us.

Chance Calloway in the Shower

Now for a little CFNM* (though technically the female in this is also nude. Still good embarrassment nudity though). From Fathom V2 #4, Aspen watches Chance shower. And they're speaking in french! Thats because these scans were shared with us by a nice French guy named Jimmy. He has two blogs: Colt The Weapons Mistress & We Are The Misfits. Merci beaucoup, Jimmy!

*Clothed Female Nude Male

October 19, 2007


Who says Grunge is Gen 13's sole provider of beefcake? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Burnout! Brought to you by Croup. Thanks for sharing!

According to him:
I bring more scans of the fine, fine men of Gen13, proving that there's tits AND pecs to be found in that series. Today we'll feature Bobby Lane, aka Burnout. The "sensitive man" of the team, introvert, sullen guitar player, and . . . incredibly hot (and not just because of his flame powers either).

The first page shows the team playfully honing their skills on a rental boat. Freefall is using her gravity powers to move a beachball through the air for a shirtless Burnout to use as target practice. Rainmaker slips some ice down Burnout's shorts to mess up his concentration. Fun! This page also features a shirtless Grunge, which makes it double hot.

Later, the team spots a plane flying out of control (these things happen around you when you're a superhero) and Burnout immediately shoots off to help.

However, due to the nature of his fire powers--he burns away his swimsuit in the process. He thus boards the plane commando. Burnout is apparently a fan of full-body waxes. More fun!

Once aboard, he (of course) gets into a fight with supervillains.

Later, he gets rescued by some hip-talking slang throwing (read: unintelligible) Californian gen-active chick. Afterwards, Bobby is left to his own devices where he'll presumably, I dunno, go find some pants or something.

Starfox & Hawkeye

A couple of Avengers scans courtesy of Dermie, the resident Avengers expert.

According to him:
Here's Starfox from AVENGERS #244, mixing business with pleasure as he (and the Wasp) sunbathe on their mission.

Its odd that there are so few shirtless images of Starfox out there. Given Eros' reputation as the greatest lover in the universe, you'd think he'd have his clothes off more often... ;)

And here's quick glimpse of Hawkeye, unfortunately he's only partially seen in this scene :(

Some scans of Hawkeye from THUNDERBOLTS #43. Clint's ex, the Black Widow, talks with Clint about how things are going since he took over as T-Bolts leader, while Clint changes into his new costume. Tasha is shocked to discover that Hawkeye has fallen in love with Moonstone...

October 18, 2007

Shirtless Super-MEN!

That's right boys and girls, both Superman and Superboy, shirtless in one issue! Double kyptonian beefcake! This is a continuation of an earlier post. A third part is forthcoming.

During their encounter with Gog, the villain's phallic spear impaled Superman and injected some green gooey stuff in him (liquid kryptonite, BTW I totally stole that last sentence from foxy loxy's comment, heh). So Kon rushes him to Star Labs where Wonder Woman, some heroes and a bunch of villains who want to kill a newly vulnerable Superman, show up.

Hercules' Wardrobe Malfuction

Here we have an embarrassed Hercules showing more skin than usual. The Son of Zeus experiences a wardrobe malfunction in front of Captain America, Starfox and the Scarlet Witch. Lucky crowd, seeing a god naked! Special thanks to Jimmy for sharing this scan with us.

EDIT: According to Dermie, this scan is from Avengers #252

October 17, 2007

Johnny Barracuda

Some scans of Johnny Barracuda from Danger Girl, brought to you by Vespa331.

According to her:
These are all from Danger Girl, by J. Scott Campbell. It's a comic along the lines of Charlie's Angels and Bond girls, really over-the-top adventure spy stuff. The writing is fun and the art is fantastic, I highly recommend it. It's mostly cheesecake, but Johnny holds up the beefcake end all on his own.

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Superboy & Animal Man

A couple of scans featuring two hot DC superheroes, courtesy of Elliot.

Kon surfing in Hawaii
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Animal Man in his underwear
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October 16, 2007

Wolverine Floating Naked

Everybody's favorite Mutant-Canadian is nude again! That little furry hottie sure likes to get naked. This scan is brought to you by the fabulous Princess Selina Desire.


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