June 22, 2008


Are you ready for some cave boy beefcake?! Well then here's Anthro, looking super-hot in the pages of Final Crisis #1. Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth appears in the last few panels. This dose of pre-historic teen beefcake was brought to you by Tim. Thanks for sharing.


I can't believe that this is my first Crossgen post! After 500+ entries in this blog, how could I have ignored all of Crossgen-hunkdom? Luckily, Derek in DC sought to correct this injustice and sent in this scan featuring Brath. You can check out Derek in DC's site, The Dumfart Academy, which has a lovely feature called the "Comic Art Chest Fest".

Iced Up Iceman

Usually, when Iceman "ices up" the ice acts as his costume. But in the following panels, Bobby is iced up but you can see his nipples! I wish they'd draw him like this more often. This cool scan (pun intended) is brought to you by Jharen.

Wolverine in SHIELD

Wolvie's floating in a tank again, and no, this is not a retelling of his often retold Weapon X origin story. This occurs in the present day, in the headquarters of SHIELD. many thanks to Species125 for these lovely scans.

These are from issue 3 of the Wolverine/Captain America Limited series. These is a slashy panel featuring Cap holding a shirtless Wolvie, too bad Logan had to ruin the mood.

Aric of Dacia in X-O Database

The X-O Database entry for Aric of Dacia features our favorite time displaced Visigoth barbarian in nothing but a brief/jockstrap hybrid! Special thanks to Get X for sharing this with us.

Wonder Man in Bed

Dermie shares with a scan featuring a post-coital Simon "Wonder Man" Williams.

According to him:
From MS MARVEL #27. Carol has just seduced Simon as a distraction for herself from all the crap she is currently dealing with.

Casey Jones' Bush

tOkKa sent in a new scan featuring Casey Jones, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles most frequent ally (other than April of course). This time Casey is in his TMNT: Fast Forward incarnation. Nice bush! The pic was taken from the 4Kids website.

Hal Jordan Looks Cold

Here's Hal Jordan, showing some skin in Action Comics #631, coutesy of Vespa331.

According to her:

Hal got his clothes ripped off somehow. Poor Hal, he looks so cold.

Nightwing's Dad

It turns out that Dick Grayson not only learned his shirtless ways from him adoptive dad Bruce Wayne, he also learned it from biological father. Mr. Grayson Sr. was a hottie, though I'm not a fan of the pencil mustache. This scan from Legends of the Dark Knight #100 was brought to you by Vespa331.

June 18, 2008

Robin Stripping

Tim Drake... taking off clothes! Special thanks to Vespa331 for sharing these rare and precious Tim Drake moments.

According to her:
We have my love, Tim Drake. In Batman Annual #15, an AU, he quits being Robin. In keeping with tradition, he does it by stripping. And then in a recent Teen Titans (forget which exactly) Cassie walked in on him changing his shirt. Apparently if you camp outside the Titans Tower you can spy on superheroes changing, hmm...

Superman Tanning

Supes soaks up some rays on the moon. Many thanks to Jharen for this full page scan.

Ultimate Wolverine Origin

More gratuitous Wolverine/Weapon X scans! Brought to you by Get X.

According to him:
Variant cover to Ultimate Origins 1. What's better than Weapon X (aka Wolverine naked with spikes and tubes protruding from his body)?

Interior page from Ultimate Origins 1.

Venom in Prison

Super-spiderfan Get X sent in this can featuring the latest Venom.

According th him:

What If? The Other: The most recent Venom (MacDonald Gargan) is in prison, bragging to himself about being the newest Venom, when the symbiote senses the vulnerable Peter Parker, and abandons Mac.

June 17, 2008

Mister Miracle

The New Gods has been underrepresented in this blog, but luckily, Vespa331 sent in these scans featuring Mister Miracle aka Scott Free.

According to her:
Here we have Scott Free/Mister Miracle, one of the New Gods. He fixes engines shirtless (what a stud) [From JLA #31], and his wife strips him and carries him off to bed. [from Mister Miracle #7, I love Big Barda!].

June 14, 2008

Peter Parker Looking Hot

This is currently my favorite Peter Parker beefcake shot. He looks so hot in this! With the open shirt and the sexy smile. Muchos gracias to Jharen for sharing this with us.

Bruce Banner at the YMCA

Here are a couple of scans form the infamous "homophobic" Hulk issue writen by Jim Shooter. Many thanks to WetBoxersGuy for sharing this with us.

According to him:

Hulk #23, in which Bruce Banner attempts to keep his anger in check while being accosted by two homosexuals at the YMCA.

Venom Stripped. Again

Bless the writer/comic book creator who invented the Alien Symbiote costume. It has given us many great beefcake moments. And bless Get X for sharing the following scans with us:

According to him:

From Venom: The Series. A Flashback scene from an untold battle between Spider-Man & Venom. After kicking Spidey's ass, the Fantastic Four arrive and take Venom down. Mr. Fantastic's sonic blaster separates Eddie Brock from the symbiote and the Invisible Woman creates a forcefield around Brock and the alien.

Superman: Distant Fires

Time for some Elseworlds beefcake, courtesy of Jharen. In Superman: Distant Fires, the man of steel (and later on, Wonder Woman) tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

June 13, 2008


Jharen shares with us some scans featuring a towel clad Alaris, one of the young Inhumans that Blackbolt and Medusa sent to Earth.


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