December 31, 2008

Shirtless Speedsters

Vespa331 sent in some eye candy featuring bare-chested speedsters from of the DC Universe Frist we have scans from issues of Flash 80-page giants deturing the current main DC speedster, Wally West, aka The Flash plus, Impluse in undies!

And here's Wally from Adventures in the DCU #14. "Nice swimming trunks, Wally!"- Vespa331
And last but not least, Max Mercury (in one of his past identities) from the Impulse Annual.

Naked Feron & Nightcrawler

Jharen shares with us some Excalibur beefcake. Cake being the operative word, since our first scan features Feron jumping out of a giant cake! Naked! In Captain Britain's bachelor party! I didn't know the Excalibur boys are into dudes! I believe this is form Excalibur #125.

And here we have Nightcrawler putting on his shirt and comforting Megan(?) She probably found out what went on during Brian's bachelor party ;)

Superman in JLA: Another Nail

Jharen shares with us some featuring a kryptonian workout session from the elseworlds tale called JLA: Another Nail.

December 19, 2008

Spider-Man Fights in His Undies

Peter Parker fights in his undies! 'Nuff said. Thanks to Jharen for sharing these with us.

The War That Time Forgot

Here's a hunk from DC's limited series of The War that Time Forgot. (Sorry, don't know who this is). Many thanks to Jharen for these scans.

Flash's Quick Change

Some superheroes are just inconsiderate. Wally and Linda West are still in bed when old fogey speedsters, Max Mercury and Jay Garrick just speed themselves right onto their room! How rude. The couldn't call first? Poor Linda was topless at the time. And it was her birthday! Oh, well, at least we got some great speedo shots ow Wally, who quickly gets into his costume. These scans are from The Flash #130, courtesy of Jharen.

Spidey Dusting

Other than crime fighting, Spidey's power have other practical applications, such as doing household chores. In this instance Peter does some dusting (though why has to stand on the ceiling while dusting a surface that is easily accessible even when you're standing normally is beyond me). These scan from Web of Spider-Man Annual #8 were brought to you by Dermie.

Xavier Bondage & Magneto Nudity

Here are a couple of scans featuring former best friends turned arch-enemies, Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lennsher aka Magneto. Charlie X looks surprisingly buff in this bondage scene:

And here we have the master of magnetism enjoying some downtime, swimming in a pool (in a speedo) and then taking a shower (naked, er... obviously). Both scans courtesy of Jharen.

Extra-Shirtless Hawkman

Time for some Thanagarian beefcake. Vespa331 share with us these scans featuring a younger (and less hairy) Hawkman.

According to her:
Hawkman's always shirtless, but in Justice League Classified #48 some bad guys removed the JLA's weapons, which included Hawkman's wings. So he doesn't even have his X!

Sunspot & Warpath

Jharen shares with us some eye candy featuring a couple of former X-Force boys. The first two scans feature Sunspot, and no, the person he's with is not a dude, its actually his female teammate Boomer (who is looks a little to boyish for me in these scan, I thought Roberto may have had a gay affair I wasn't aware of!). The second set of scans features the hunky Warpath fighting the Coyote.

December 8, 2008

Ultimate (Gay) Colossus

I love Marvel's Ultimate universe. not only does it update the origins of our favorite characters, or give a new take to his or her characterization, but in some cases they change one of the basic traits of the character. Case in point... ultimate Colossus is gay! Here he is in a flashback from Ultimate X-Men #94. His dad just caught him in bed with another dude! Kudos to Marvel for having the balls to allow this. The house of ideas has come a long way from the Jim Shooter/No Gay Heroes-era. And kudos to Paul as well, who sent in this scan.

More Askani'son

Cable was a total hottie when he was a youngster. Check out how he looked in is teens in Askani'son. These scans were brought to you by Jharen.

The Darkness Beefcake

Terry noticed that there is very little Jackie Estacado eye candy available in this blog, so he kindly sent in these scans featuring the Darkness hunk (plus some other guy, not to mention Witchblade) from issues #35-36 of his own series.

Cosmic Boy's Beefcake Costume

Derek in DC sent in these scans featuring Cosmic Boy in his infamous 70's costume! Some think that this costume is silly, but personally, i think its hot! These scans are from Superboy #215.

And as a bonus, here are some more doodles , drawn by the great Mike Grell himself!

The Atom's Fantasy

Vespa331 shares with us this charming full-page scan from All New Atom #20.

According to Vespa331:

Ryan's under the influence of the Black Mercy, and apparently his fondest dream is a syrupy food fight with Wonder Woman

Bruce Healing, Dick Kicking

Here are some Bat Beefcake brought to you by Jharen. First we have an injured Bruce Wayne in a towel, being treated (and scolded) by Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Alfred from Gotham Knights #7 . The we have Dick Grayson training in the Titans Tower form the pages of The Titans.

December 6, 2008

Guy Gardner vs Aliens

I loves me some Guy Gardner Beefcake! Vespa331 shares with use these scans of the bowlcutted hunk.

According to her:
This is from Green Lantern 80-page Giant #1 - Guy Gardner getting progressively more naked while he battles aliens and talks about how awesome he is. Perfection!


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