October 31, 2008

Grunge by AH!

A reader from a while back requested some scans featuring Grunge from Gen 13: Ordinary Heroes which was penciled by Adam Hughes (or AH!). So Croup kindly share's with us these scans from that trade. Thanks!

Hercules Unbound

Her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire sent in this lovely image featuring a naked Hercules!

Captain Marvel Examined

Dermie shares with us these scans featuring Captain Marvel (Genis) form the pages of Thuderbolts #18.

According to Dermie:

The T-Bolts are examining Genis after his cosmic awareness goes haywire and puts him in a coma.

Spidey's Nightmares

Here are a some scans featuring our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man having bad dreams. Special thanks to Spider-Fan Jharen for sharing!

First, Spidey dreams of death at the hands (or teeth? ew!) of Kraven the Hunter. Love 'em tighty whiteys.

And here is a common dream that most people seem to have, public nudity!

October 27, 2008

More Namor

Here are some hot scans featuring the speedoed one, Namor the Submariner courtesy of Jharen and Ovu Mobani. Thanks, guys!

Yukon Jack

Time form some Canadian Superhero beefcake. Here's Alpha Flight's Yukon Jack skulking around in his skimpy costume. Many thanks to Jharen for these scans.

October 18, 2008

Legion Lads Sleep Naked

I'm enjoying the current Legion run under Jim Shooter. The characters are actually in character (finally) and it feels like the good old Legion is back. And the good old Legion beefcake and cheesecake with it! From what I gather the girls sleep in teddys while the guys wear nothing at all, as evidenced by the scans below:

Ligthning Lad, the current Legion leader wakes up to some good news. From Legion of Super-Heroes #40.

Element Lad's wakes up to find his living room being searched by the Science Police. From issue # 43

Naked Fight: Iron Man vs Mr. Sensitive

Dermie shares with us this great little scene involving two superheroes fighting naked!

According to Dermie:
These scans are from X-STATIX #24. In this storyline the Avengers and X-Statix are fighting over fragments of Doops' brain (long story--don'task). This particular fragment ended up at the Church of the Naked Truth--a religious cult of nudists...so the two heroes are required to continue their battle naked, making for one of the strangest superhero fights of all time...

The Men of Fabletown: Beowulf

Time for some bear eye candy in the from of Fable's Wayland Smith aka Beowulf. These scan were courtesy of Alekz.

Cyclops & Wolverine

Jharen shares with us some scans from Astonishing X-Men #25 featuring Cyke and Wolvie, in bed and on a tree respectively.

Naked Ultimate Eddie Brock

Here's Ultimate Eddie Brock, naked and exhausted. I kinda like the smart, skinny Eddie of the Ultimate universe compared to the beefy bonehead that resides in in Earth-616. Many thanks to Get X for these scans.

War Heroes : Frontal Nudity

Warning: Full Frontal Nudity! Extreme close up of male genitals! These scans from War Heroes #2 were brought to you by her royal cattiness, the Princess Selina Desire.

Vintage Green Arrow Shirtlessness

Green Arrow fan MacCubbish shares with us some old school Ollie beefcake, drawn by the great Neil Adams. Mac considers this the best rendition of Ollie.

From Green Lantern #85

From Green Lantern #87

The Origin of Ultimate Captain America

Jharen presents: The Origin of Ultimate Captain America. And like all good origin stories, the hero is shirtless.

Young Cable in Undies

Young Cable AKA Askani'son AKA Nathan Christopher Summers in undies. Scans brought to you by Ovu Mobani.


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