August 30, 2007

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 8

It's been a while since I posted scans from the Marvel Swimsuit Specials. So here ya go!

For those of you who haven't seen previous installments, click on the tag "Swimsuit Special" at the bottom of this post.

Pete Wisdom

From Wisdom #1 (limited series). Pete gets laid.

August 28, 2007

Lessons in the Batcave

From Batman #410, A shirtless Bruce Wayne teaches combat training to Jason Todd.

WildCATS Captured

From the WildCATS: A Gathering of Eagles TBP (which collects issues #11-13 of volume 1). Tapestry has captured the male WildCATS (and Void) and for some reason hung them upside down, with only metallic codpieces to hide their shlongs.

August 27, 2007

Captain America & Paladin

The last part of Dermie's Avengers post fest (for now! Hopefully he'll have more). According to him:

From CAPTAIN AMERICA #391. Cap and Paladin have been captured by radical feminist villain Superia (Link)...who plans to subject them to her feminization treatment and transform them into women!

Superia, Superia, Superia! Don't turn these hot men into women! Turn them into sex slaves. That is what a smart, psycho, radical feminist would do!

Edited on 9/25/16 images replaced with higher quality scans.

Black Knight

Scans of Black Knight working out shirtless in Avengers #350. Scanned by Dermie.

Avengers Attacked!

These scans feature one of my favorite scenarios in super-team comic books: A villain attacks their headquarters in the middle of the night, thus most of the heroes are dressed for bed. Special thanks to Dermie for these lovely scans.

According to Dermie:
These scans are from AVENGERS #362. An enemy has taken the form of the Vision to infiltrate Avengers Mansion, and is now attacking the team in the middle of the night.

Wonder Man Nude

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next few posts will be Avengers oriented, brought to you by Dermie, the leading expert in Avengers beefcake. First up are scans from Wonder Man Annual #1.

According to Dermie:
Wondy's clothes got burnt off while he was trying to stop a rocket.

August 26, 2007

Full Frontal Yorick

Yorick Brown drops trou' for a picture that will prove that there is still one male human alive on Earth. Must be cold ;)

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

Screencaps from Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. Peter, Bobby & Angela hanging out on the beach.

August 25, 2007

Wanted: Hustlers

From the first issue of Mark Millar's creator-owned miniseries, Wanted. The main character's soon to be assassinated father is about to get it on with a couple of male prostitutes. But he's not gay! He even says so!

After the scene below, the old man and the boy toys are killed. Welcome to Millarworld.

Angel in Champions

From Champions #3, Angel and the Black Widow lounging about in swimwear

Doctor Spectrum Frontal

From Supreme Power #6. Joseph Ledger was in a coma for years after a mysterious crystals from Hyperion's spaceship bonds with him. When he finally wakes up, he wants to visit someone so badly (I can't remember who), that he didn't even take the time to put on some clothes.

August 23, 2007

Youngblood: Blowjobs!

From Youngblood: Bloodsport #1. Analogs of Cyclops and Wolverine give Battlestone & Seahawk blowjobs. When I first saw these scans, I didn't know weather to laugh or be offended because of the dissing of the X-boys. Got these from Scans_Daily.

Conner Hawke

Conner Hawke prettiness! I have no idea where this scan is from.

Black Panther Naked

Black Panther scans courtesy of Dermie!

According to Dermie:
Here are some scans from BLACK PANTHER #12. T'Challa (and agent Ross) have been captured by his enemy Achebe, and locked in a giant death trap. Achebe also took T'Challa's costume so he could impersonate the Black Panther, so T'Challa is naked...much to Ross' discomfort.

August 21, 2007

Grifter in Kindred

Here are some awesome scans of Grifter from the Kindred miniseries. Grifter is easily one of the hottest Image heroes! Special thanks to Winter for sharing this with us.

A Predicament for Backlash

Fans of bondage will surely appreciate this post! This scan from Backlash #5 comes from Winter. Thank you for sharing!

According to Winter:
Backlash seems to have gotten himself all tied up. The lady is called Taboo and was his love interest for the series

August 20, 2007

Death of Superman

And to cap off this Superman-fest, here are some scans from Superman V2 #75. The end of the infamous "Death of Superman" arc.

Edited on 6/19/18, images replaced with better quality scans.


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