August 2, 2007

Spidey Skin

More scans from Sidious, starring everybody's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. (Text in quotes are from Sidious's email)

"From Web of Spider-Man Super Special # 1. After battling with Carnage, Venom and the Scarlet Spider, Peter comes back to the apartment where MJ gets a nice look at her husband coming out of the shower!"

I would really like a statue/comiquette of Peter in this scenario, it would balance things out with the infamous Mary Jane Statue of Evil. (tm angryrantgirl)

"From Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #12. A teenage Peter Parker is having the worst kind of nightmare for a teenager. His clothes disappearing in the middle of High School!"

"From The Sensational Spider-Man # 1. Ben Reilly (the Spidey clone) has just made his new Spider-Man costume and is giving all of us a lovely shot of him in his tight briefs before getting dressed!"

And lastly, "from Amazing Spider-Man # 258. Right after discovering his black costume is alive, the Fantastic 4 use Sonic waves to strip it off
Spidey, leaving him well.....rather unclothed. Then the Human Torch makes things even more embarrassing for Spidey by giving him a new costume. ^_^"


Tony Z™ said...

Okay, those panels from Web of Spider-Man Super Special #1 sum up everything that's wrong with comics.

In the big one, Pete has obviously just gotten out of the shower, he's drying off his ass. MJ is holding his jeans. In the next panel, MJ still has his jeans in her hand, so almost no time has elapsed...yet, as Pete dries his hair -- SUDDENLY HE'S WEARING UNDERWEAR!!? WAS HE WEARING THEM IN THE SHOWER!!?

That's all kinds of messed up.

Especially since Steve Lightle was drawing him so damn sexy.

I'm just sayin'...

Sidious said...

I hope everyone enjoys the Spidey skin!
Theres more to come though, so keep an eye out. ^_^

pandesal said...

tony z, I noticed that too. It was weird that Peter suddenly had undies on but I wasn't flustered. I'm just happy he's showing more skin than MJ.

sidious, your like our resident Spider-Man expert now. Thanks again.

Sidious said...

Thanks for the compliment!
Being called a Spider-Man expert is extremely flattering.
I hope I can maintain that title. ^_^

And I fully agree with Tony z.
Not only for the obvious reason of wanting to see Spidey naked but because it was just a really lame way to keep from showing Peters naughty bits. :P


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