February 6, 2009

Nova... Stripped!

Nova gets stripped of his powers (not to mention his clothing!) by the Worldmind. I must say, I like how this mind thinks. These scan from Nova #21 are courtesy of Dermie.

The Man From Atlantis

Time for some vintage eye candy. Here are a couple of covers from The Man from Atlantis, which was a comic book adaptation of the tv series starring the hunky Patrick Duffy, who spent most of his time on-screen either shirtless or in short shorts. I'm happy to report that the comics seem to follow his wardrobe from the show. These scans were brought to you by Doug.

The Men of Sigil

Terry sent in these scans from Sigil, one of the titles from the late and lamented comic publisher, Crossgen comics. The comapny may be gone, but the beefcake will live on forever.

Angel No More

Here's a sad scene featuring Warren Worthington III aka Angel (aka Archangel), waking up and discovering that his beautiful wings have been amputated. Don't worry Warren, they'll grow back! Thanks to Jharen for sharing this with us.

Assorted X-Men

Jharen shares with us some assorted X-Men hotness.

First up we have Havok, whose shirtlessness is justified thanks to his uncontrollable plasma powers!
Here's a shirtless Bishop aiming his big guns on Gateway.

Next, we have a couple of scans featuring the Ragin' Cajun himself, Gambit.

And here's Forge, hanging aroung in a... thong?

And last but not least, here's Pete Wisdom, early in the morning,


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