July 25, 2014

Ex-Nightwing Dick Grayson's Shirtless Workout

To celebrate the release of Grayson #1, all the updates for this week will feature Dick Grayson, formerly Nightiwing. Dick is now an agent of Spyral (but really he's a double agent, working for Batman). One of his fellow spies is Helena Bertinelli, who in pre-New 52 continuity was the Huntress. Needless to say there is instant sexual tension between the two.

He's Dick doing one of the things he's best known for... looking hot while working out.

And here a bit of fan diservice, a flashback to the aftermanth of Forever Evil. Nosebleeds are NOT sexy.

Nightwing & Huntress's One Night Stand

In The New 52, Dick Grayson & Helena Bertinelli's new partnership gives us some unresolved sexual tension vibes, but in the old, Post Crisis continuity, it was very much resolved. That's right, they had a one night stand in Nightwing & Hunteress #3. Cue the gratuitous (and much appreciated) Dick Grayson underwear shots (and the kinky Batman dream sequence).

Edited on 9/26/16, replaced images with better quality scans.

Nightwing in the Shower

Time for some CFNM embarrassment nudity! In Nightwing #56, Black Canary walks in on Nightwing in the shower!

Nightwing Showers & Gets a Massage

Marv Wolfvan & Dan Jurgens had a brief run on Nightwing pre-New 52 & in Nightwing #125, not only did we get the requisite Dick Grayson fanservice. We got 2 shower scenes, a shirtless (naked?) massage scene, & panel of him getting out of clothes. Bless these men for giving the fangirls & fanboys what they want!

Nightwing & Starfire in Bed... Again

One of the most viewed posts on this blog features Nightwing & Starfire in bed, so here they are again all post-coital like in New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #39, in which Dick wakes from having a dream about having the hots for Raven. Awkward.

I love that DC Comics had the guts to show that they had a sexual relationship in bronze age of comics.

Shirtless Dick Grayson in Pajamas

In New Teen Titan Vol. 1 #1 (ah the good old days!), Dick Grayson has precient dreams & gets a strange visit from the mysterious Raven, who asks for his help in defeating some unknown evil. And thus, the New Teen Titans are formed! Also, did Dick get dressed in from of Raven?

Edited on 9/19/16 to replace images with better quality scans.

Nightwing in a Towel

In New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #12, a freshly showered Dick Grayson gets locked out of his apartment in nothin but a towel, thanks to the ghost of a little girl. Looks like some of his neighbors are enjoying the eye candy.

Edited on 9/19/16 to replace old images with better quality scans.

Nightwing's Tamaranian Makeover

In New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #15, Nightwing, Firestar & Jericho visit Kory's homeworld, Tamaran. After a space shower (which is apparently much better that regular Earth showers), Dick goes native and begins to wear the local - and skimpy - Tamaranian garb. Click here for more Tamaranian-clad Nightiwing & Jericho.

July 8, 2014

Superman: Shirtless & Injured

In the Justice League Episode, "The Terror Beyond ,Part 1", Superman, Wonder Woman & Hawkgirl battle a massive sea-creature that actually manages to wound Superman! The trio head to Atlantis for some answers & after their meeting with Aquaman et al., Supes changes his shirt. (Couldn't you have done that before meeting the Atlantian Royal Family, Clark? Not that I'm complaining, love me some kryptonian beefcake).

Special thanks to The K for these screencaps! Please check out his awesome tumblr Bad Situation, it's about superheroes in peril!

Naked Dante in DMC: Devil May Cry

Video game post! Dante is buck naked in the very first cut scene in DmC: Devil May Cry! Gotta love that CFNM & public nudity situations here!



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