March 14, 2017

Shirtless Superman in Up, Up and Away

In Superman in Up, Up and Away tells the story of a de-powered Superman. It mostly focused on Clark Kent as a journalist & his quest to regain his powers. Oh and the artwork is gorgeous, bare-chested Supes looks great in it.

Shirtless Star-Lord in a Newspaper

Star-Lord seems to be the reigning king of comic book superhero beefcake, and I love it! In Star-Lord #2, he (and his damaged shirt) are on the front page of the Daily Bugle. That J. Jonah Jameson sure knows how to sell papers doesn't he? I hope his clothes are torn off of him in future issues as well.

X-Men: Evolution - Clothing Damaged Cyclops

In Day of Reckoning, Part 2, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster is destroyed but the students survive, though they are a little worse for wear. Cyclops suffers the most in terms of clothing damage with most of his chest exposed.

Shirtless Star Lord in Short Shorts

Time for some gratuitous Star Lord fanservice! in Star Lord #3, a shirtless, bearded & short shorts wearing Peter Quill gets a visit from his half-sister, Victoria.

Bare-Chested Batman's Make Out Session

In Batman #676, a partially in-costume Bruce Wayne makes out with Jezebel Jet. I guess secret identities aren't important when you're sucking face with a former model who runs a country.

Naked Steve Trevor Again

Steve Trevor continues his naked streak (pun intended) in the Rebirth! In Wonder Woman #6, we the hunky in a medical/CFNM situation. Special thanks to Fabio for these scans.

The Flash's Shirtless Barbecue Party

Wally West and his friends have some fun outdoors in The Flash Vol. 2 #36.

Casually Shirtless Gambit

Time for some post battle casual shirtlessness from Gambit #8, featuring the Ragin' Cajun himself.


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