July 31, 2008

Exiles: Thunderbird & Mimic

Time for some alternate reality hunkiness. Jharen shares with us some scans from the pages of the Exiles

Thuderbird in a loincloth.

Mimic looking hot.

July 26, 2008

Omac in Undies

Omac is minding his own business, sleeping peacefully in bed with his girl, when a certain man of steel knocks on his door. He doesn't even Omac put on any clothe before stepping out into the cold. How rude! Many thanks to Jharen for these full page scans.

Spidey Practices Webslinging

Here's another great shirtless Spidey Scan courtesy of Jharen. It features a maskless and shirtless Peter practicing with a new batch of web fluid. I love it when he is casually bare-chested.

Naked Hank Pym

Dermie shares with us these awesome scans featuring Hank Pym aka Ant-Man from Mighty Avengers #15

According to him:
Pym is seduced by a Skrull spy who ends up capturing him and taking his place.

and as a special bonus, Dermie also sent in this ass shot featuring 3-D Man's buns.

Grunge Saves the World

These scans are from the Grunge Saves the World one-shot (great title, btw), in which our favorite stud is naked! Again! Many thanks to Grunge fan extraordinaire Croup for these scans.

Naked Sandman

It's (Ulitmate?) Flint Marko! Naked! Thanks to Get X for sharing this with us.

Batman: Injured

Here is part two of Vespa331's vintage Batman beefcake scans, featuring the dark knight in bandages.

From Batman #440

From Batman #446

Nightman, Shang Chi, Namor & The Human Bomb

Here are some assorted comic book from various publishers, brought to you by Spike.

Nightman in bed.

Shang Chi looking hot and pissed.

Namor: The Ponytail Years

And the Human Bomb, hanging out in the lab.

July 10, 2008

Animated Human Torch Hotness

I love it when animated characters go shirtless. Especially if the character is a superhero. Lagosta shares with us some awesome screencaps featuring Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch from the current Fantastic Four animated series. Thanks for the caps!


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