July 10, 2008

Gambit & Bishop in Xtreme X-Men

Jharen sent in these lovely scans form Xtreme X-Men featuring X-Studs, Gambit and Bishop.

First we have Gambit in the beach with shirt unbuttoned. I it just me, or is his little cajun's outline visible though the pants?

A shirtless Bishop jogs along the beach

And for the piece de resistance, Bishop bondage! Xtreme indeed!


Rachel said...

Gambit's so hot. I don't know that much about him, but from what I know, dude is smokin. He's one of the characters that occasionally tempts me to read Marvel (but I resist the temptation, because there's an awful lot of Batman left to read). I still think he and Roy should hook up in some cross-dimensional event...but I don't think DC's planning on it. :(

justin said...

I think in the Gambit image it's supposed to be a little ambiguous, but it's just his zipper, not his 'little cajun'

pandesal said...

Rachel, Gambit is indeed hot. Who knows, if you learn more about him, you might turn into a Marvel fangirl. Probably not, you DC purist, you! ;)

Justin, I still think its his weiner.

KhalilG said...

I ahve always thought Gambit was hot. But BISHOP. Smokin!!

Ills said...

Gambit is smokin'


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