April 22, 2011

Batman & Nightwing: Shirtless Together!

I've posted some of these scans before but I've decided this issue needs more focus. I mean, it has Batman & Nightwing bare-chested! At the same time! *squee*! That doesn't happen a lot you know.

Batman, Nightwing & Robin do battle with the forces of Ra's Al Ghul. And since it is a Demon's Head story, the shirts come off! But this time, Ra's isn't the one who strips them. Batman uses his shirt to plug up a  hole so he and Tim can escape watery death while Nightwing looses his while climbing up a cliff.  By the time they face Ra's, their already ready for the requisite shirtless fight. These scans are from the milestone issue that is Detective Comics #700.

Edited on 12/16/17. Images replaced with better quality scans

Obligatory gratuitous Nightwing ass shot!


Hot Daredevil Commisions

Time for some Matt Murdock eye candy! Daredevil mega-fan & comic book beefcake connoisseur Craig kindly shares with us these awesome commissioned pencils featuring the man without fear! You can view Craig's awesome Comic Art Fan gallery here or you can visit Wednesday Heroes for all your commissioned art needs.

Matt naked in the shower! Pencils by Jerry Bingham.

"A Friend In Deed" by Geof Isherwood

New Mutants at the Beach

Time for some teenage mutant ninja beefcake. In New Mutants Special Edition # 1, our teen heroes are enjoying some downtime at the beach. I love that Doug & Roberto are in speedos, but Warlock in a bikini? (At the time he was new to human society, he eventually changed into a speedo too). Also, I didn't know Sam was a "never nude". In addition to the boys, the girls also serve up some cheesecake. Many thanks to Arion for sharing these scans with us!

Naked Captain Atom

Like Iceman, you gotta love it whenever Captain  Atom is de-powered. His "costume" just melts away, leaving most of his flesh bare. But unlike Iceman, Nathaniel Christopher Adams does not wear pants underneath his outfit. Thats right, Captain Atom goes commando under his suit! Hence these squee-worthy gratuitous butt shots from Action Comics #888!

Jason Bard's Naked Meeting

Here's some gratuitous nudity featuring a member of Batman's supporting cast. No it's not Alfred, its Jason Bard, former Gotham City police officer turned private investigator (and Barbara Gordon's ex-boyfriend). In Detective Comics #818, Batman show up in his apartment unannounced to hire Jason, who at the time was in his birthday suit (presumably after doing the nasty with one of his clients). These Bat-scans were brought to you by Terry.

Son of Satan

Son of Satan, aka Helstorm, aka Daimon Hellstrom (and at least seven other aliases) is the son of Satan (duh!). More specifically, he is the son of Marduk Kurios, Marvel's version of Lucifer. You'd think that considering his parentage, he'd be a bad guy, but he's not. He's one of the good guys. And he's also constantly shirtless! Thanks to Robert for sharing the following scans with us.

Mystic & Negation

I must admit, I have very limited knowledge of Mystic & Nagation, hence the lack of scans from those defunct Crossgen books. Thankfully, Terry sent us these scans from both titles!

A hunk offering his services in the "Tantric Cathedral" from Mystic #15.

Some man cleavage from Negation #15.

Some gender-bending shape-shifting from Negation #26.

Beefcake from Negation #25.

Ring of the Nibelung: Sigfried

Artist P. Craig Russell created a comic book adaptation for all four volumes of Ring of the Nibelungs for Dark Horse comics. Volume #3 features the adaptation of the play "Siegfried", about a young man who grows up in the forest, and I must say, Russell made the 16 year old protagonist look yummy! Not only is he handsome with a hot body, but he wears a loincloth and boots as well! The following scans are from Ring of the Nibelung Book 3: Sigfried #1.

Red Prophet

Special thanks Robert for sharing these images from Red Prophet: The Tales of Alvin Maker. A 12-issue limited series by Orson Scott Card, based on his The Tales of Alvin Maker series of books. I love me some American Beefcake.

Injured Cannonball

Warning: Rob Liefeld scans ahead. 

Now that the we got the obligatory Liefeld joke out of the way, here are some scans from X-Force Vol. 1 #2 in which Sam Gurthie aka Cannonball is recuperating after suffering some injury. Needless to say he's shirtless. I love that X-Force is so beefcake heavy.


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