April 15, 2011

Bishop & Luke Cage

Robert sent in this double dose of ebony eye candy featuring Marvel hunks Bishop and Luke Cage! The first pic is a painting of Bishop by the amazing Boris Vallejo.

And now, some assorted Luke Cage shirtlessness.


César Hernández-Meraz said...

Oh! Bishop when he was still cool!

And Luke! But Luke looks better when Danny is as shirtless as he is and they are together!

DAN said...

If only Luke & Danny became an actual couple! Although I think Jessica Jones would go nuts and beat the crap out of both of them if that happened! ;)

pandesal said...

Guys, I must confess that I have very limited knowledge when it comes to Avengers or Heroes for Hire characters but i can totally see the Luke Cage/Iron Fist HoYay! Now I'm off to look for some good slash featuring those two. ;)


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