April 30, 2011

Craig's Awesome Commisions

Here are a selection of hot Marvel men from Craig's awesome comic art fans gallery. You can also find him at Wednesday Heroes for all your commisioned art needs.

Daredevil lifting his shirt!

Northstar, shirt-lifter!

The bulge-tastic Namor!

Shang Chi hotness!


DAN said...

These are all lovely, and despite my allegiance to DD, and I do like the DD piece here, but the Shang Chi one is the real standout of this bunch, it's just gorgeous! Someone should help Shang Chi get disrobed further, LOL! ;)

pandesal said...

Liked the Shang Chi piece too, but I didn't really recognize him at first since I've never seen him with long hair before. Namors look different too, but in a good way (love the even skimpier speedo) and Joe Phillip's Joeboy-fication of DD & Northstar are made of win!


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