June 24, 2011

Ryan Reynolds: Green Lantern

Julian recently wrote to me and asked why haven't we featured any screen captures or pictures from live action film adaptations of comic book superheroes on this blog, and I had to ask myself, why indeed? They usually meet the qualifications that merit being featured in this blog: 1) They're shirtless 2) They're superheroes.

So for our first official Big Hollywood Movie post, here are some screencaps from the Green Lantern Trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds in nothing but (weird, unbranded) briefs! Shameless eye candy! And the fandom rejoiced...

Also, someone from Detail Magazine sent me a link to this article featuring Mr. Reynolds. The June/July issue of Details Magazine has an interview with Ryan as their cover story. Go visit their site or buy their mag. Let's support print, keep buying mags & comics!

Battle Pope!

Our old buddy Croup sent as a treat in the form of these insanely funny Battle Pope scans! According to Croup:

This is what happens when a man who puts the 'H' in hedonism is granted superpowers by God to battle the forces of evil alongside Jesus Christ!

Bonus: Gratuitous Battle Papal ass shot! Dude appreciates his new body...

Daken In Undies

In Daken: Dark Wolverine #4, our titular anti-hero pays the Fantastic Four a surprise visit. The FF were really surprised since they thought he was dead. They also didn't recognize him since he was wearing a mask leading Johnny to attacked him and burned off his "designer" costume. A bisexual man who's into fashion? Normally I'm a against stereotypes but I thought that was adorable. The more I read about Daken, the more I like him. He's not just some Wolverine ripoff.

Bonus: Here are some more non-shirtless scans from the same issue featuring Daken hitting on the Thing(!) and a bromantic moment with BFF, Johnny Storm.

X-Man Captured

Here's Nate Grey looking hot on the variant cover for New Mutants Vol. 4 #25. I love his current costume!

And in the issue, he gets captured by fellow Age of Apocalypse refugee, Sugar Man.

Savage Dragon Naked in Hell, Part 1

Time for more hairy, green beefcake! Savage Dragon goes to hell (and it seems to be clothing optional!). And no trip to Image Comics hell would be complete without special guest-star, Spawn! Many thanks to Croup for these scans. (Divided into two parts, Part 2 coming soon.)

Moon Knight

Dermie shares with us these scans featuring the mercenary-turned-superhero, Moon Knight! I had no idea he was so hot underneath that full-body costume.

Moon Knight in bed with his lady in  Moon Knight Vol. 4 #1.

Moon Knight mooning us in Moon Knight Vol. 4 #15. I hate those censor shadows!

Looking hot i black briefs in Marvel Fanfare #30.

Magnus in Undies

I adore Magnus the Robot Fighter, and what's not to love? He's a futuristic manly man who wears a skirt! And he has no qualm shedding the costume either, much to the delight of the medical staff. I love that there's one guy ogling him too, in addition to the ladies. Scanned from Magnus: The Robot Fighter #6 (Valiant).

And later in the same issue, he gets a rude awakening from an unexpected visitor, Solar, Man of the Atom.

More Assorted Marvel Men

Robert sent in these images featuring some bare-chested Marvel men.

The Hulk, front view

The Hulk, rear (heh!) view

Luke Cage punched!

Kazar vs Dinos!

Black Crow

Conan Statue

Sebastian Shaw (the non-Kevin Bacon version).

Injured Red Robin

Shirtless Tim Drake sighting! In Red Robin #12, our hero is all bandaged up and recuperating in the Batcave after his encounter with Ra's Al Ghul. Its also a nice Bat-Family moment between Tim and his Bat-siblings/ex-girlfriend.

Aw, poor Steph.

Cypher & Cannonball

More classic beefcake from the pages of New Mutants!

In New Mutants Vol. 1 #35 the boys change in their locker room, though only Cypher and Cannonball are shirtless. 

And in New Mutants Vol. 1 #32 the team gathers for "a council of war" in their jammies... how cute! Once again Cypher & Cannonball are the only ones that are bare-chested. I love me some blond boys.


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