June 16, 2011

Caligula Madness

Warning: The following scans are probably NSFW, so if you don't like homosexual situations and male frontal nudity then don't click on the pics.

These are scans from the very disturbing Caligula #2 from Avatar Press. The story so far: Junius vows to avenge his family's death at the hands of the titular Roman Emperor. Caligula raped and murdered his mother (and his young nephew) so the young man travels to the capital and actually gets close enough to Caligla to kill him. The problem: Caligula seems to be immortal, he doesn't even notice that he had a wooden stake lodged into his brain! So, long story short the Junius ends up becoming one of Caligula's favorite playthings and forces him to rape Caligula's own sister. And then things just get even weirder. These scans were brought to you by Tranetrax.


DAN said...

Whoa! Beyond twisted, but it is supposed to be about Caligula (talk about what a super freak that he was, I doubt anyone will try to make another movie about him, LOL) so it comes with the territory I guess. ;)

pandesal said...

Yeah, it's a lot more twisted than the real Caligula. He's immoral and has a talking horse?! I did not see that coming!

Re: the movie. That was a disaster. I don't know how they convinced Peter O'Toole, Dame Helen and the rest of cast to do it.


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