January 31, 2008

Naked Tempest & Arsenal

Vespa331 share with us these scans from The Titans #14 featuring Tempest naked and Arsenal getting caught in bed with Donna Troy!

According to her:
Here's some naked/shirtless Garth from Titans 14. God bless whoever made it canon for him to sleep naked underwater.

Edited on 07/05/2018, images replaced with better scans.

Roy is caught shirtless in bed with a chick. As usual. In this case the chick is Donna. He's such a ho.

Grunge Buttnaked

A special treat for all Grunge fans out there. Here are some scans featuring our boy... naked! Special thanks to Croup for these awesome scans.

According to him:
Lost in a dinosaur infested jungle, Grunge does the obvious thing and strips down to his birthday suit. His suggestion of an all-nude society falls on deaf ears.

January 30, 2008

Manga Grunge?

More Grunge hotness brought to you by Croup. These scans are from Gen 13 #7, the current series. Our stud looks a little to manga in this ish, but great art nonetheless.

Catman's Origin

Here's some Catman beefcake courtesy of Vespa331. You've gotta love that retroactively hot hunk.

According to Vespa331:
Here's Catman, from his origin in 52 week 28. Gotta say it's kind of inspiring that Catman went from being such a chubby slob in Green Arrow to Mr. Sexy. All ya need is a pride of lions and you too can transform your body and hair color!

January 29, 2008

Recent Grunge Skinnage

Here are some awesome scans featuring Grunge from the first few issues of Gail Simone's reboot of Gen 13. These images are brought to you by Grunge fanboy, Croup. There's more Grunge scans coming!

New Guardian in Bed

Boy, these control room guys must be a bunch of voyeurs. They're always spying on Michael Pointer AKA the new Guardian while he's all alone in his room in some state of undress. Thanks to Dermie for this lovely scan from Marvel Comics Presents #5.

Naked T-Ray

Vespa331 shares with us these scans of T-Ray,Deadpool's rival, from Deadpool #7 & #9.

January 26, 2008


What do you get when you combine Superman and Captain America into one character?

You get Super-Soldier!!! A character from the Marvel/DC Amalgam Line of comics.

Fantasy Heroes

Here's a fantasy themed post for y'all.

The first scan is brought to you by Jeff. Its not really a comic book image but a scan from the cover of a fantasy novel called Dark Warrior Rising.

According to Jeff:
It's from a book club version of an Ed Greenwood book, as you can see. The cover art is by Daniel Dos Santos who aside from maybe doing some regular cover art, knows how to draw a man's chest let me tell you. Not only is the chest lit beautifully, those are some HUGE poochie man nipples on that hero.

The following scans feature Hymus and Kythor from Wavedancers. Christian sent the following scans a while back, but I was unable to post it. My apologies, Christian.


January 25, 2008

Grownup Mordred

Child villain and all around annoying brat Mordred appears, all grown up in the Justice League Unlimited Episode "Child's Play".

Blue Devil vs Giant Pumpkin

I never knew how hot Blue Devil can be until Vespa331 sent in these scans.

According to her:
These are from the DC Infinite Halloween Special. Blue Devil is fighting an evil giant pumpkin, and is surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I like how his shirt gets completely burned off by touching the pumpkin, but his pants are perfectly intact. He blows up the pumpkin (covering himself in orange goo in the process) and finds out that it was his childhood friends that sent the pumpkin after him. I love the Charlie Brown reference, I know it's horribly cheesy but it's fun. God knows we DC fans need all the silliness we can get.

January 24, 2008


Here's a few scans featuring Superman/Boy-Prime (I'm not sure what to call him anymore) from Green Lantern V4 #25.

Steel Bondage

Miss Vespa331 shares with us some more JLA hotness:

According to her:
Steel bondage+boxers! Not Super-Steel of course, this is the Steel from the Detroit JLA. Tis from JLA Classified 22.

January 23, 2008

Aquaman's Best Costume

Here are some scans featuring Aquaman from JLA Classified: Sacred Trust. He's wearing his "no-shirt-great-pants costume" (tm Vespa331, who also sent in these lovely scans.)

Kyle & Donna at the Beach

Its been a while since we've posted any new Kyle Rayner scans. That's just wrong! So here are some scans from Green Lantern V3 #78. Kyle and Donna rendezvous on a secluded beach where they decided to officially start their relationship. The both look hot in these scans don't they?

Editors on 3/29/2018 to replace images with better quality scans.


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