January 10, 2008

Grunge in a Diaper

This is the third part of Croup's Grunge-centric scans, and this is were it begins to be kinky:

According to Croup:
At one point early in their adventures, the Gen13 gang were randomly captured by amazons. After having their way with Grunge multiple times, these saucy ladies wrapped him up in a diaper and left him secured for later (hey, it's what I would do). Later, he's rescued by Fairchild, and chewed out by Freefall. Watch that hand, girl!


azzurro said...

Hi ! great post
but what is the ref of the comics ?
thanks you.

pandesal said...

Sorry, I don't know were they were scanned from. All the latest Grunge scans were sent to me by Croup and he didn't include any references. I'll try to ask him, and I'll let you know, okay?

azzurro said...


Scipio said...

OOooo. He's short.

Not enough little hotties in comics!

pandesal said...

You're right! Heroes don't to be tall to be hot. We want more little hunks in comics!


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