January 14, 2008

Rick Jones' Gay Kiss

Professional superhero sidekick and all around hottie Rick Jones kissing another dude? What would Marlo say?!

Context? Oh, alright. In Captain Marvel v4 #9, Karl Coven has been sentenced to death for the murder of 17 people and Rick was a witness in his trial. Coven was sentenced to death by lethal injection and died for a few minutes, only to return to life moments later. Technically, his death sentence was carried out so the court has no choice but th release him.

In the scan below Rick is on the stand and gives some reasons why the homicidal maniac shouldn't be released because of a technicality. When Coven taunts him, Rick attacks Coven, the latter forcing his tongue into Rick's mouth! Kudos to Peter David writing that scene and to Marvel for having the guts to print it. S

Later, Rick hangs around in his apartment, shirtless (!). Beautiful art by Ivan Reis.

1 comment:

César Hernández-Meraz said...

I love Rick!

I damn my lack of money those years for not being able to buy the Genis series...

Rick + Captain Marvel + Peter David = sure WIN.


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