January 25, 2008

Blue Devil vs Giant Pumpkin

I never knew how hot Blue Devil can be until Vespa331 sent in these scans.

According to her:
These are from the DC Infinite Halloween Special. Blue Devil is fighting an evil giant pumpkin, and is surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I like how his shirt gets completely burned off by touching the pumpkin, but his pants are perfectly intact. He blows up the pumpkin (covering himself in orange goo in the process) and finds out that it was his childhood friends that sent the pumpkin after him. I love the Charlie Brown reference, I know it's horribly cheesy but it's fun. God knows we DC fans need all the silliness we can get.


Croup said...

Man, talk about your big blue beefcake! I just wanna lick that pumpkin goop right off him.

pandesal said...

I know, right?! I don't usually find overly muscular characters hot, but Blue Devil really looks yummy in these scans.


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