September 18, 2016

Superman's Nipslip vs Darkseid

Superman has a nipslip while fighting Dakkseid in Superman vs Darkseid: Apokalips Now.

Cale Tucker in Naked in Titan AE

Not really superhero or comic book relate but I'm gonna post it anyway. I've always like the underappreciated Titan AE. Not only was the movie a good science fiction yarn but it had this brief nude scene featuring the male lead, Cale (can you imagine if the same scenario was done with a female character's bare buttocks in an animated film aimed at kids, the moral guardians would have a field day).

Gambit Shirtless & Barefoot

Time for some Rajin' Cajun fanservice from the pages of Gambit #9.

Cyclops Stranded Part 1

This is the first part of Cyclops & his then girlfriend, Lee Forester's adventures after they were washed overboard their fishing trawler. They spend several days stranded on a deserted (yeah, right) island & gradually lose more & more of there clothing. Scans from Uncanny X-Men #145.

Kind a got ahead of myself on this on Part 3 was posted before Parts 1 & 2. Oops.

Bare-chested Scarlet Spider

More Peter Parker Clone shirtlessness from the pages of Spider-Man Redemption #2. Its a bare-chested Ben Reilley (Scarlet Spider) vs Kaine after the latter kidnaps Ben's redheaded love interest. Guess even Pete's clones are predisposed to be attracted to readheads.

Hedge Knight Skinny Dipping

Time for some gratuitous male nudity from Game of Thrones! Well not exactly, in The Hedge Knight, a graphic novel adaptation of George RR Martin's short story of the same name, the protaginist, Dunk takes an expository skinny dip.

Bonus: this bear looking dude.


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