February 28, 2011

Human Torch in the South Pole

That Johnny Storm is sexy, and he knows it! Look at what he wore when the Fantastic Four went to when to the South Pole. Everyone else is wearing layers of clothing while he's in nothing but shorts and go-go boots with a fiery motif! I love that he owns his hotness. I'm still pissed that they probably temporarily killed him off recently. These scans from Fantastic Four #576 are courtesy of Brooklyn., combined with my own scans.

Assorted Namor Beefcake

Special thanks to Robert sent in more images, this time featuring Marvel's Atlantean King and first mutant, Namor!

Deadpool in a Bikini

That's right! Wade Wilson in a black bikini! Complete with bikini top! Even when he puts on his gear, he's still wearing this sexy little number. Scanned from Deadpool # 33 (2011). Thanks to Olgg for letting us know about yet another Deadpool moment of awesomeness.

Hulk Hotness

Time for some Gamma-radiated beefcake! Robert shares with us these scans featuring the big green guy himself, the Incredible Hulk! These include not only comic scans but pictures from the last movie, action figures, a statue and frakkin' Lou Ferrigno! How awesome it that?

Absorbing Man

Robert shares with us pics featuring one of his favorite Marvel villains, the eternally shirtless Absorbing Man. I love the statues

Wolverine: Jean Grey's Wet Dream

It seems that Jean isn't content being married to hottie Cyclops, judging from her dream in X-Men Forever Vol. 2 #1 which featured a certain hairy, adamantium-laced mutant. This isn't the Jean Grey from the main Earth-616 continuity since X-Men Forever basically an alternate timeline in which Chris Claremont continues the storylines that were unresolved after his resignation from Marvel.

And here, Professor X telepathically probes an unconscious Jeans thoughts, where he sees the same scene. Oh, Charles... From X-Men Forever Vol. 2 #3.

February 25, 2011

Re-uploaded Images

When I started this blog, I used a couple of image hosting sites and now it seems that the links for those pics are dead. There are dozens of affected posts from mid-2007, but don't worry, I'll be re-uploading the pics. Here's the first batch:

Batman Shower Fight (Most view page on this blog! I also added two full pages.)
Ultimate Cyclops in Briefs
Kyle Rayner's Ripped Costume
Robin & Kid Flash vs Brother Blood
Warlock & Pop-Up Man 
Naked Green Arrow
Beast Boy Poolside

Batman: Odyssey

Neal Adams recently returned to penciling (and writing) for Batman in a new limited series, which also means the return of Bruce Wayne's abundant body hair! Yay! Almost all issues start with a shirtless Batman breaking the fourth wall and talking to the reader. These scans are from first pages of Batman: Odyssey #1 & #2.

Batman: Odyssey #1

Batman: Odyssey #2

Static in the Morning

Special thanks to Jesse from California who sent us these awesome scans featuring Static. It seems that the common them in these panels is Virgil waking up in the morning. Lucky for us he only wears briefs to bed.

 On a serious note, Static's creator and animator extraordinaire Dwayne McDuffie recently passed away. I was shocked when I learned about his death, he was only 49 years old. Thank you, Dwayne for all the hours of entertainment that you've given us. Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

Native American Heroes

Time for more Native American eye candy courtesy of Robert!

First up, we have a couple of Marvel hunks. Red Wolf & Black Crow (boy, it seems Marvel follows the "color" + "animal" naming convention for its Native American Heroes).

And to represent DC Comics, we have Arak: Son of Thunder.


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