February 26, 2011

Re-uploaded Images

When I started this blog, I used a couple of image hosting sites and now it seems that the links for those pics are dead. There are dozens of affected posts from mid-2007, but don't worry, I'll be re-uploading the pics. Here's the first batch:

Batman Shower Fight (Most view page on this blog! I also added two full pages.)
Ultimate Cyclops in Briefs
Kyle Rayner's Ripped Costume
Robin & Kid Flash vs Brother Blood
Warlock & Pop-Up Man 
Naked Green Arrow
Beast Boy Poolside


Hushicho said...

Yay for getting the pics back up! Hero beefcake is always welcome. :)

pandesal said...

Yup, it may take a while, bur I'm gonna re-upload them all!


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