October 7, 2017

Shirtless Iceman Melting

During the Operation Zero Tolerance storyline, new Sentinels are able to inhibit mutant abilities, which is bad news for Iceman but good news for us since we get a good beefcake shots of a de-iced Bobby in all his belted briefs glory. Scans from X-Men #67.

Dick Grayson in Shirtless Vampire Bondage

In Grayson Annual #3, everyone's favorite superhero turned spy has been captured by vampires who strip him to his undies & tie him up because reasons. And by reasons, I mean the fanbase love seeing Dick fanservice.

Shirtless Inferno

In the grand tradition of superheroes who loose their shirts but somehow have indestructible pants, Inferno... looses his shirt but keeps his pants on in Secret Warriors #2.

Star Lord in Bed & in the Shower

Alas, this will probably be the last Star Lord beefcake we'll see from Kris Anka in a while. The book was cancelled after six issues. Six glorious, fanservice heavy issues. Seriously, they packed a lot of Peter Quill eye candy in this thing. And for that it will always hold a special place in my heart. Scans from Star-Lord # 6.

Batman in Undies

Mikel Janin gave us some of the best Dick Grayson fanservice in years, not he's doing the same for Dick's mentor! Case in point, Bruce (and Selina) in boxer briefs in Batman #26!

Naked Avengers

What if # 34 dared to ask., What would happen if Tony Stark owned a chain of laundrymats? The answer: Naked Avengers! That's what! Thanks, Iron Man.


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