September 18, 2014

Shirtless Batman in Pajamas

In Batman #4, a bare-chested Bruce Wayne get a visit from one Mr, Richard Grayson. Bruce is in the Batcave obsessively analysing some remains of his ancestors. Why? Because he's BATMAN! (Sorry, real reason: Court of Owls shenanigans). Special thanks to @Redlockscot for finding these scans!

Shirtless Teen Titans in Skartaris, Part 1

Ah, Dan Jurgen's Teen Titans, all but forgotten even before The New 52 was launched. Lets revisit them, shall we?

In Teen Titans #10, the gang finds themselves in Skartaris (or as I like to call it, the Land of Skimpily Dressed People). Needless to say this is a prime opportunity for fanservice. The de-aged Atom starts things off by stripping to to the waist, they then all take baths and go native, wearing the local garb.

Part 2 soon...

Edited on 02/14/2019, images replaced with better quality scans.

Booster Gold's Damaged Suit

In Superman Vol. 2 #74 (part of the Death of Superman storyarc), the Justice League faces off against Doomsday. Now, this is the villain that will kill Superman, so needless to say the League get their butts handed to them.

Poor Booster Gold in particular got pretty beaten up. Doomday even destroyed his suit, which is a big deal considering he has no superpowers and relies in his costume to fight (its basically a skin tight Iron Man suit). Another reason it's a big deal (for me anyway) is because we get some Booster beefcake. Love 'em hairy nipples!

Dick Grayson Showers Yet Again!

We yet another Dick Grayson shower scene in New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #36. Not that I'm complaining! This time Kory tries to join him but then they end up discussing moving in together. All this will Raven is in full on stalker mode, listening in on their conversation.

Shirtless Iron Fist vs Sabretooth

Iron Fist takes on Sabretooth in his first ever appearance! Scans from Iron Fist Vol. 1 #14.

Speedy & Mal Duncan Clothing Damage

In Teen Titans Vol. 1 #46. Speedy (Roy Harper) & Mal Duncan had to change their shirts after encountering a mob controlled bya villain called the Fiddler, who controls people via his violin. Ah the Silver Age!

September 11, 2014

The Men of Robotech in Swimsuits!

Well this was a great find. After Robotech II: The Sentinels animated series was cancelled after only a few episodes, the story was continued in comic book form.This volume also produced 2 swimsuit specials. Here are scans from Robotech II: The Sentinels Swimsuit Spectacular! I love the fact that this featured both male and female characters equally. Now we know what Rick Hunter looks like in a banana hammock! And you gotta love those colored and detailed nipples!

Masked Shirtless Gambit

I'm still not over the cancellation of Gambit's latest solo title. It really delivered when it came to fanservice. Case in point, in Gambit #4, our sexy Cajun's shirt was ripped off, the better to show his muscles, and then uses part of his damaged shirt as a mask. The pants stayed intact tough, which is a shame.


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