March 25, 2015

The Cancelled Marvel Swimsuit Special

Remember those Marvel Swimsuit Specials back in the 1990's? Just kidding, how can you forget that awesomeness. Well, it appears that artists Kris Anka & Kevin Wada planned to revive the concept but unfortunately Marvel shot them down. Bad move! Anyhoo, here are  some of the hunks that would have been included. Oh, what could have been!

Hellion. Great callback to this.

All-New Ghost Rider

The Human Torch

The Falcon

Wolverine in Naked Prison Bondage

In Wolverine #164, our titular hero & The Beast are in the prison known as The Cage which has a dampening field that de-powers all inmates. Old Wolvie is stripped naked and gets his hairy ass tossed into the Hole. Special thanks to Soup Goblin for these scans. Please visit his site: (NSFW!)

Cyclops Sleeps Naked

Scott Summers in a nude sleeper! It seems that the X-team(s) discovered that their fearless leader sleeps in the buff in Uncanny X-Men #24.

Count Vertigo Poolside

In Suicide Squad #46 features a speedo-clad Count Vertigo hanging out pool-side with Poison Ivy. Many thanks to Miguel Angel for sharing this with us!

Shirtless Bishop Appreciation Post! (Part 1)

There's not nearly enough Bishop beefcake on this blog. Luckily, Soup Goblin has remedied that by sharing with us a whole bunch of bare-chested scans featuring this time traveling hunk! Here's part 1:

Bonu: Butt shots!

Iceman in White Briefs

I've always had a soft spot for Iceman. You got to love a superhero whose costume is basically white briefs& boots when he's not all iced up. Many thanks to Soup Goblin for these scans from the Iceman Limited Series.

More Robotech Swimsuit Sexiness

More Robotech sexiness from the pages of Robotech II: The Sentinels Winter Wonderland Swimsuit Special! If you missed the previous Robotech swimsuit post, click here to check it out.

March 4, 2015

Shirtless Dick Grayson Being Chased By Girls

We all know that Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka Agent 37 has loads fangirls (and fanboys) who find him hot. DC might as well change his name to Mr. Fanservice at this point, what with all the shirtless, bondage & shower scenes he's featured in.

In Grayson #4, we get actually in-story fangirls in the form of students from St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls who mount a Man-ty Raid and chase Dick across their campus.


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