March 25, 2015

The Cancelled Marvel Swimsuit Special

Remember those Marvel Swimsuit Specials back in the 1990's? Just kidding, how can you forget that awesomeness. Well, it appears that artists Kris Anka & Kevin Wada planned to revive the concept but unfortunately Marvel shot them down. Bad move! Anyhoo, here are  some of the hunks that would have been included. Oh, what could have been!

Hellion. Great callback to this.

All-New Ghost Rider

The Human Torch

The Falcon


Anonymous said...

lol this remind me of the "magic mike" cover that DC had for JL

Arion said...

I would have loved to read this swimsuit special!

By the way, I'm trying to promote my Comoxilogy comic so I'm giving away Marvel digital codes. You can check out the details here:

Anonymous said...

Are you ever coming back

Jay Pandesal said...

I'm back baby!


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