November 16, 2010

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 19

Quasar fishing in speedos.

Gratuitous Colossus ass shots are always welcome.

Cable hawking some jeans.

Daredevil & the Black Panther play a practical joke on Dr. Doom & the King pin. Doom has a blowup doll?!?!

The Human Tourch and the Thing with some chicks.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 18

Three ass shots in one! I'm glad that X-Hunks Gambit, Cyclops & Bishop are favoring short shorts instead of board shorts.

Captain America, looking tanned in his retro swimsuit!

Namor in an even skimpier costume than usual!

Ghost Rider & John Blaze, midnight swimming.

 Furries? Wolverine, Sasquatch & The Beast, hanging out with some chimps.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 17

The X-Men hamming it up for the camera.

Beefake overload! Its Nick Fury and Tony Stark in speedoes!

Multiple Man gives Valery Cooper multiple hands.

 Excalibur shows off their swimsuits.

Bikini & Clambake bash!

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 16

I previously thought that there were only four Marvel Swimsuit issues, turns out that there were actually five! The first ever issue was called Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue, but the following year the name was changed to Marvel Swimsuit Specials. Imagine my delight when I discovered that there is actually one issue I haven't posted yet! So this post, and the ones following it features art from the first issue of Marvel Swimsuit Specials (though technically, over all it is the second issue overall).

The Hulk & Rick Jones sunning with their significant others, Betty & Marlo

Good news: Thor is in a speedo. Bad news: He's sporting his early 90's bearded look.

Beefcake Nomad and babycake Bucky.

Some tourists ogling She-Hulk.

The Fantastic Four hanging out with some animals.

November 9, 2010

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 15

Gambit & Rogue underwater.

Thor and Sif in vintage swimwear.

Daredevil makes a cameo in Thypoid Mary's pinup.

Nightmare & Roxxane sunning on the beach.

The New Warriors playing on the beach.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 14

Captain America ass hot!

Colossus, silver surfing.

Doc Samson playing with a baby dino.

Twins Aurora and Northstar being ogled by pervs in the bushes.

Black Panther being stalked by Tigra.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 13

Excalibur having some fun in the sun.

Doc Samson provides poolside therapy.

Cable (in a speedo!) and Domino

Cannonball, Rictor and Cable staring at Boom Boom's ass.

Cage's sexy back.

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 12

Gratuitous Thor beefcake shot.

Colossus on the Jungle floor in a speedo.

Bullseye snorkeling in a speedo.

Bishop in the water. Take your top off!

The Fantastic Four at the beach

Marvel Swimsuit Specials Part 11

Infinity Watch playing in the water.

Dr. Stevens (a magical duplicate of Dr. Strange) and his... groupies?

Thunderstrike, moon-limbing.

Wolverine (and Jubilee) roasting wieners.

And I saved the best for last... Pip the Troll! What a hunk! lol

November 6, 2010

Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned Covers

Here are 3 covers from Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned (issues #2-#4). I really love the fact that the Anita Blake covers usually feature scantily clad dudes! Its like the opposite of all of 'em Fathom and Witchblade covers that feature hot chicks in skimpy outfits.

Nightwing's Damaged Costume (and Titans in Diapers)

These scans are from New Titans #84, part of the Wildebeast story arc. The Titans have been captured by Jericho. Nightwing spends the entire issue with his costume in tatters! He's uncharacteristically hairy here, maybe he forgot to shave? Also, the captured Titans appear to be wearing diapers, but this post mainly features their shirtless fearless leader. 

 Edited on 9/26/16 to replace old images with better quality scans.


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