November 6, 2010

Nightwing's Damaged Costume (and Titans in Diapers)

These scans are from New Titans #84, part of the Wildebeast story arc. The Titans have been captured by Jericho. Nightwing spends the entire issue with his costume in tatters! He's uncharacteristically hairy here, maybe he forgot to shave? Also, the captured Titans appear to be wearing diapers, but this post mainly features their shirtless fearless leader. 

 Edited on 9/26/16 to replace old images with better quality scans.


Yumeru said...

Hairy Nightwing seems to be a thing in the 80s and 90s. Perhaps some attempt to help him seem more masculine after the hotpants and pixie boots of his youth? At any rate, great pictures! A shirtless Nightwing is always a treat.

pandesal said...

Thanks, Yumeru! Just saw your blog and instantly loved it!

You're right, they probably wanted to make Dick more manly by giving him a carpet of virility. =)

It seems DC is aware of Nightwing's status as a sex symbol/fanservice. He has more post in this blog than any other character! (47 posts so far.)

SallyP said...

Holy...! EVERYONE is topless!

pandesal said...

Yup, and pants-less too! I'll post scans of the other Titans later.


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