July 30, 2016

Batman's Sexy Workout

Batman is off to a good start in the this new Rebirth continuity, at least beefcake-wise! In Batman: Rebirth #1, we see a scantily clad & sweaty Bruce wait doing pull ups using the Wayne Tower helipad. Holy fanservice, Batman!

Shirtless Superman of Earth-Two

In Crisis on Infinite Earths #11, a bare-chested Superman from Earth Two wakes up from a nightmare. Special thanks to George Gustines for this pic. Please visit his awesome Facebook Byline Album & follow him on Twitter: @georgegustines.

Shirtless Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

It's Battle of the Spidey clones in Spiderman: Redemption #1! Kaine (the 1st clone of Peter Parker) tracks down & attacks a shirtless Ben Reilly (another Parker clone also known as the Scarlet Spider).

Shirtless Ulysses & Human Torch

In Civil War II #1, we get some fanservice courtesy of a shirtless new Inhuman Ulysses & towel clad Johnny Storm (Human Torch).

Nightwing's Shirtless Nightmare

Secret Origins Annual #3 is a Dick Grayson beefcake extravaganza! The whole issue is basically Dick having an extended nightmare while bare-chested in pajamas, drawn by various artist! Enjoy.

Edited on 6/20/18, images replaced with better scans.

CFNM featuring Rick Jones

Here's some old school Rick Jones CFMN, embarrassment nudity from the pages of Captain Marvel #48. 

Bare-Chested Loki Bondage

Loki has taken, um Loki hostage! Which results in some Shirtless Loki bondage from the Loki: Agent of Asgard!


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