December 1, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Shepard & Kaidan Have Gay Sex

Now, I know Mass Effect 3 doesn't exactly fit into the "superhero" genre, but since our friend Lagosta from Hot Fictional Guys seems to be taking a break from his blog, some has to share the video game beefcake!

Mass Effect 3 has "gay option" storylines which allows Shepard to not only romance the ladies, he can also get it on with the boys! And it's about damn time, FemShep has always been allowed some lesbian lovin'. Kudos to BioWare.

He has two possible male romance options, new character Steve Cortez, or the he can take his friendship to the next level with Kaidan Alenko, who's been his buddy since the first game (and FemShep's main love interest in the series). Fangirls & gay fanboys who 'shipped this pair must have their minds blown when they learned its now canon!

The Origin of Beast Boy & The Ravagers

So Beast Boy is red in The New 52. The hell? I don't know how I feel about that change but I must say, I'm loving the new shirtless costume. In Ravagers #0 we learn the Post-Flashpoint origins of Garfield Logan and his teammates. They were all experimented on by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I must say that I hate the fact that they seem to have removed Gar from the New Teen Titans & Doom Patrol history. Not cool, DC!

What I do like is that in this issue we are treated some bondage themed , speedo-clad (and eventually naked) beefcake featuring Gar, Thunder & Ridge.

Captain Britain Clothing Damage

In Excalibur Vol. 1 #10, Captain Britain battles his Nazi doppelganger, Hauptemann Englande wearing his old costume which he borrowed from a museum  The old treads are clearly too small for him now, which results in much clothing damage (and eye candy).

Angel & Iceman in Short Shorts

One of the perks of setting up your temporary headquarters on a Billionaire playboy's rest house is that there is a swimming pool. And when there's a swimming pool, there are swimming suits! New Defenders #130 features Archangel (then just Angel) & Iceman in tiny swim trunks. We also get some cheesecake from Candy Southern, Cloud & of course Moondragon, who's always walking around in that stripperific costume of hers.

Phoenix Namor Beefcake

So in Avenger vs X-Men #8, Namor goes metal (not surprising, since he's a Phoenix host at the time) and continues to wage war against Wakanda as he looks for Hope Summers. Still lovin' the outfit, Nam.

Cosmic Boy Pulls a Captain Kirk

IDW Publishing and DC Comics published a Star Trek & Legion of Superheroes limited series entitled... er Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes. And surprisingly  it isn't Captain Kirk who gets his shirt ripped. Its good old Cosmic Boy who got to show off his hairy chest.

But dont fret Kirk fans. We do see a bit of fan service featuring the captain in the form of Chameleon Boy morphing into Kirk wearing Shadow Lass' costume!

Man from Atlantis Covers

Time for some vintage comic book beefake! Here are some scans from Marvel's comic book adaptation of Man from Atlantis. I love a character who's costume basically consists of a speedo. The covers look great, too bad the interior art isn't as good. 

November 15, 2012

More Young Aquaman Shirtlessness

So, according to a poll over at MTV Geek, Aquaman is the Sexiest Superhero Alive. I'm not surprised, Arthur looks positively hunky in the current Aquaman run thanks to Ivan Reis' artwork. See for yourself, here's some scans from Aquaman #0 in which Arthur goes mental after his beloved dad dies and learns more about his (post-Flashpoint) heritage.

Shirtless Superboy in Handcuffs

In Superboy #13, NYPD Detective Jocelyn Lure, wearing some a fancy outfit and some cool gear goes to Superboys apartment for a "friendly chat", but when she discovers that he has piles of money laying around in his room, so she did what any law enforcement officer would do, wake the boy up at gunpoint, handcuff him and allows the suspect to fly her away from the evidence. Good job, officer. Oh, and this all happened while Conner is in nothing but his undies. Hooray for fanservice! I like me some light Superboy bondage.

The Eagles of Rome Book 3

My posts featuring The Eagles of Rome Books 1 & Book 2 are two of them most popular posts on this blog. I wonder why? It may have something to do with the gorgeous art, the ancient Rome setting, the frequent sexual activity or the frontal nudity scenes, who can tell? I just wish it didn't take 2 years for each TPB to come out. So here are some scans from The Eagles of Rome Book 3, or as I like to call it, the Further adventures of Marcus  and Arminius.


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