December 1, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Shepard & Kaidan Have Gay Sex

Now, I know Mass Effect 3 doesn't exactly fit into the "superhero" genre, but since our friend Lagosta from Hot Fictional Guys seems to be taking a break from his blog, some has to share the video game beefcake!

Mass Effect 3 has "gay option" storylines which allows Shepard to not only romance the ladies, he can also get it on with the boys! And it's about damn time, FemShep has always been allowed some lesbian lovin'. Kudos to BioWare.

He has two possible male romance options, new character Steve Cortez, or the he can take his friendship to the next level with Kaidan Alenko, who's been his buddy since the first game (and FemShep's main love interest in the series). Fangirls & gay fanboys who 'shipped this pair must have their minds blown when they learned its now canon!


DAN said...

Wow, they have gay options for video games now! So exciting, this is consumerism gone right, and the guys here look great, although a little chest fuzz on at least one of them would have been nice. Very pleasantly surprised by this! XD

pandesal said...

Yeah I'm glad that video game developers are now being more inclusive than ever, specially since the gaming community isn't that most gay friendly. I'm glad you liked this post, DAN. I may post more caps from Mass Effect 3 or other games.

You can learn more about games with gay options here:

DAN said...

Yeah I just read the overall gaming community is freaked out and baffled by this new gay option, they didn't seem to mind the lesbian variation much, which has apparently been around for awhile now. Gaming geeks got nerve, they probably never even get real sex (too much time gaming) but they're complaining about fictional sex, boy this world is more messed up than I thought! XD

And Yeah, I think some more video game beefcake would be interesting being that I'm not into gaming, it'll definitely be stuff I've never seen for sure! :)

Alan said...


I was pleased that the option existed. I wasn't overly enamored of the gay relationship choices. Cortez is openly gay from the start but spends most of the game weeping about his dead husband (killed by bad-guy aliens). You get a surprisingly hot dance scene with him in a technobar. Kaiden is the better looking of the two, but he is antagonistic to you for half the game. Then, the two of you rather abruptly declare your love in a strangely antiseptic conversation held in the middle of a bistro on a space station. Then, nothing until the big sex scene. Also, Kaiden kisses like your grandma. My biggest let down was that James Vega was NOT a gay option. I think he's the best looking and he's voice by Freddy Prinze Jr. Strangely, he's the one who acts the most like a gay love interest because half his dialogue sounds like a double entendre. At one point, you catch him and Kaiden playing poker and, IIRC, he actually makes a strip poker reference.

pandesal said...

Thanks for the in depth analysist, Alan!

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Wow, they do look good. I do not think I will get the game or anything just because of this, but, well, they DO look good.

I just got into Shin Megami Tensei: Persona recently. I had started the first game some time ago, but my PSP was stolen. I am now halfway through it, bought Persona 2 and now Persona 3 is on the way.

I heard Persona 2 has a gay option, as well (not as graphic as this one, though).

And I thought the beach clothes the boys from Persona 3 wear would fit perfectly in your blog.

WHiB said...

I've loved Kaiden since the 1st game. That Ashley chick or whatever her name was is ugly as all get out. This is a dream come true!

Ash said...

So who's the bottom?


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