January 27, 2016

Dick Grayson & Tiger: Sexy Spyral Spies

In Grayson #16, both Dick & The Tiger have a Casino Royale/Dr. No/Daniel Graig moment! I'm really enjoying this book. Not only does it have great writing and amazing art, but they keep delivering the eye candy!

Batman Bad Blood: Bruce in Boxer Briefs

In the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Batman: Bad Blood Bruce has been captured by Talia Al Ghul to brainwash him. And like all good Al Ghul stories, Bruce is stripped of his shirt. Actually, Talia seems to one up he father since she also took his pants. Bruce spends much of his screentime in just his undies.

Red Hood in the Shower

Roy rudely interrupts Jason's shower in Red Hood & Arsenal #2.

Casually Shirtless Spider-Man

Peter Parker casually shirtless at the dinner table in Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1. (A Secret Wars Tie-in)

Aquaman: Walking Shirtless Scene

Shirtless Aquaman is the best kind of Aquaman, especially when he's drawn by Ivan Reis. Here's more bare-chested Arthur from Aquaman #13.

Shirtless Bishop Appreciation Post! (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of the Bishop Beefcake fest that Soup Goblin shared with us!

Avengers: Hawkeye Shirtlessness

Hawkeye showers and gets his clothes melted off by some chemicals in Avengers: Hawkeye which is a colloection of his early 80's adventures. Interesting how Monkingbirds's costume is still in tack. Maybe Clint's clothes are made from the same material as Nightwing's.

Wildchild & Shard: CFNM Goodness

Wildchild is enjoying his down time by listening to some music before taking a shower, when Shard suddenly appears which leads to an awkward CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) situation. Many thanks to Soup Goblin for these scans!


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