April 1, 2016

Shirtless Spider-Man & Kraven The Hunter

When I was a kid I read Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter, which was a one-shot in which Spidey is haunted by an entity who maybe Kraven's ghost(?) and then fights his corpse. It was a really weird story but I loved Mike Zeck's art and there were lost of shirtless Peter Parker panels, so  that always a win. Not to mention Ghost!Kraven's loincloth.

Aquaman Clothing Damaged

Arthur suffers from clothing damage while fighting a new villain, Dead Water in Aquaman Vol. 7 #50. I love me some Brett Booth art! He really draws a hot Arthur.

Naked Beast Boy

The Justice Leage vs Teen Titans animated film has funny scene in which Beast Boy somehow goes to a training session naked. Apparently he sleeps in the nude and just plum forgot to put clothes on. I wonder what Raven is staring at...

Shirtless Punisher & Wolverine

I can't believe the Punisher has never been featured in this site! Luckily, Croup aka Soup Goblin sent us these scans featuring Frank Castle with a bare-chested Wolverine to boot. You may visit Croup's site here (NSFW).

Dick Grayson Shirtless in Titans Hunt

Time for more Dick Grayson fanservice! In Titans Hunt #1, Dick lounges about in nothing but a towel.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Burly Studs in Speedoes

In Harley Quinn Vol. 2 #7, Harley & Poison Ivy spend some downtime at the beach when 2 hunky men in speedoes show some interest in them. Foot rubs ensue. Special thanks to Miguel for these scans.

Young Deathstroke in Briefs

In Deathstoke Vol. 3 #1, the titular mercenary gets injured and is healed by the mysterious I-Ching. However Slade doesn't just healed, he somehow became young again!


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