March 30, 2008

Bare-chested Spidey

Oh, how I wish that this could be Spidey's permanent costume. Many thanks to Azzurro for kindly sharing these hot scans with us.

Logan Files

Here's Logan looking hot! Too bad the artist forgot to draw his nipples! Sean Chen, how could you?! This dose of Wolvie goodness is brought to you by Lagosta.

Carnage Destroyed

You gotta love the symbiotes in the Spider-Man books, whenever the get too much audio stimulation, they leave they're wearers naked! The following scans feature some skin from Venom (Eddie Brock) & Carnage (Cletus Kasady). Special thanks to Get X for sharing these with us.

According to him:

(Amazing Spider-Man 363) Spider-Man and Venom double-team Carnage with a sound barrage, destroying his symbiote and rendering Cletus Kasady naked and unconscious.

Casey Jones

TMNT fan tOkKa sent in this scan featuring the Turtle's main human ally (other than April, of course) Casey Jones, as drawn by TMNT creator Kevin Eastman. You can visit tOkKa's TMNT blog here and his personal blog here. Thanks for contributing, dude!

Gratuitous Lobo Nudity

Lobo! Naked! 'nuff said!

Many thanks to Elliot for sharing these scans with us!

The Blob

For all you chubby chasers out there, Jimmy presents... The Blob! You can visit Jimmy's blogs here and here.

March 27, 2008

Spider-man vs Venom: Battle in Briefs

Special thanks to Scott F. shares with us this delightful find of his. He found it on a website called I-Mockery.

According to Scott:
Originally presented in Amazing Spider-Man #317, by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. Spiderman, for some reason takes of his costuume, wearing ntohing but tight red briefs, he battles venom, who's suit tries to attack patar, leaving them both in their undies.

I haven't found any of the actual texts, but this page:

Has all of the pages, but sort of completely messed up the words.

Jack of Fables, Naked

Dave in NJ shares with us these scans featuring Jack of Fables, naked and getting kicked in the balls. Aww, poor Jack.

According to Dave in NJ:

Naked Jack form Jack of Fables #20 - I love this character - he has almost no socially redeeming qualities yet I root for him every issue!

Ant-Man II in a Towel

Hello, beefcake-lovin' fanboys and fangirls! Sorry about the lack of updates, but now I'm back and ready to resume your regularly scheduled dose of shirtless superhero images. I'd like to thank all the wonderful contributors who've been emailing me some grate scans. Watch out for them in the coming weeks.

First off, here's Ant-Man II, looking hot and hairy after a shower. This scan is brought to you by Dermie.

According to him:
Here is a scan from FANTASTIC FOUR #394, with Ant-Man (Scott Lang) rushing out of the shower to answer the phone. The colourist seems to have gotten his Ant-Men confused, giving the Scott blond hair (like Hank Pym) instead of red. Ooops.

March 14, 2008


Here are some scans featuring (relatively) new Justice League member, GeoForce from Justice League America #05 (current series). Special thanks to Tim for these scans.

This is a message for Tim, everyone else, please ignore the following: Tim I've tried to get in touch with you a couple of times, please check your inbox.

Nightcrawler Hotness Part 2

And here are the rest of Louise's awesome Nightcrawler scans. Enjoy!

March 6, 2008

Nightcrawler Hotness

Louise noticed that there is a criminal lack of Kurt Wagner beefcake in this blog, so she very kindly sent in a bunch of scans featuring a lot of exposed blue mutant skin! More coming soon. Thanks, Louise!

Captain Marvel

Timothy shares with us this tiny, but still hot, scan featuring Mar-Vell being all shirtless and manly.

March 4, 2008

Batman Shirtless

I love the shirtless look on Batman, specially when he keeps the cowl and cape on. Here's a great panel from Superman/Batman 46, courtesy of Vespa331. I love the faux bat-tattoo on his chest!

Random Grunge

Croup shares with us some random Grunge scans featuring our favorite hero doing what he does best... working his booty!

Lighting Lad in Undies

Garth looks oh, so hot(!) in this panel! Thanks to Dave in NJ for sharing this Legion beefcake with us.

According tho him:
[This scan features] Lightning Lad from Legion of Super-Heroes #39. I'm SO glad they still have tighty-whities in the 31st Century!

March 2, 2008

Naked Blue Beetle (Jaime Rayes)

Dave in NJ shares with us some Blue Beetle nudity!

Oh, poor, poor Jaime! I don't know whether I should be happy because he's naked or sad because of the situation he's in.

Ronan the Accuser

Time for some alien beefcake! Ronan the Accuser is the "Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire". Special thanks to Timothy for this hot scan!

March 1, 2008

The Men of "Wonder Woman"

Vespa331 sent in these great scans from Wonder Woman.

According to her:
Wonder Woman has a surprising amount of beefcake. Or maybe not so surprising, if it's targeted towards women. Anyways, there's her partner Nemesis getting captured and tortured, Hercules hanging out shirtless (with a miniskirt) a lot, and the last one is of a Hawaiian god that she asks for help. I'm totally moving to Hawaii and joining that religion.


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