March 30, 2008

Carnage Destroyed

You gotta love the symbiotes in the Spider-Man books, whenever the get too much audio stimulation, they leave they're wearers naked! The following scans feature some skin from Venom (Eddie Brock) & Carnage (Cletus Kasady). Special thanks to Get X for sharing these with us.

According to him:

(Amazing Spider-Man 363) Spider-Man and Venom double-team Carnage with a sound barrage, destroying his symbiote and rendering Cletus Kasady naked and unconscious.


Get X said...

Aww, yes, my two favorite symbiote/human characters from Spider-Man. Despite the coolness Venom (& Carnage) have that make me genuinely like them, the fact that sound-based weapons are frequently used against them, causing their symbiotes to unravel from them and render them completely naked is always a bonus.

Anonymous said...

The first pic is actually Brock not Kasady.

pandesal said...

Thanks for the correction, Mr/Ms Anonymous!


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