March 4, 2008

Lighting Lad in Undies

Garth looks oh, so hot(!) in this panel! Thanks to Dave in NJ for sharing this Legion beefcake with us.

According tho him:
[This scan features] Lightning Lad from Legion of Super-Heroes #39. I'm SO glad they still have tighty-whities in the 31st Century!


Owen Blacker said...

Looking good!

Lan Avis said...

Love the images as always, but I got to add are these images (the ones from Legion of Super-heroes) from the newest reboot/retcon of the Legion of heroes comics? B/c I want to read it after this, but with all the reboots and retcon this series has if it's not the most recent, I feel like I'll be wasting my time.

pandesal said...

Nope, this is not from the current incarnation of the Legion. This is from Jim Shooter's run right before they switched to the current continuity. I must say, I like Jim Shooter's run, he gave us plenty of shirtless legionnaires!


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