May 28, 2009


Lar Gand aka, Mon-El aka Valor, aka M'onel, one of my favorite Legionnaires, in all his costumed-ripped glory! This scan is from Legion #32.

Young Stryfe & X-Man Covers

Since Stryfe is a clone of Cable, naturally he would have the Summer's gene of hotness. Here he is hanging out in nothing but a diaper form the pages of Askani'Son. These scans were brought to you by Jharen.

Next we had another Cable copy, the X-Man aka Nate Grey, from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

Double your pleasure!

Human Metallo

Tim shares with us these scans from Salvation Run, featuring Metallo's hot, brand-spanking new organic body.

May 22, 2009

Black Panther Injured

Marcus sent in these scans featuring His Majesty, the King of Wakanda, in critical condition. Poor, Storm!

Kryptonian Nightwing

Tim sent in these scans featuring Nightwing. No this is not the hunk wonder that we all know and love, but his Kryptonian namesake, who appears to be at least as hot as Mr. Grayson.

According to Tim:

Is it a rule in the DCU that anyone named Nightwing has to rip their shirt off?? Wouldn't be such a bad rule though... Anyway, here are some scans from Action Comics #875 and #876 of the Kryptonian Nightwing.

Magog vs Power Girl

Here are some scans from JSA #24 featuring the hunky, reformed villain, Magog sparring with Power Girl. This JSA beefcake was brought to you by Takezo Davey.

Wildchild in a Thong

That's right! Wildchild is wearing a banana hammock! And we get views from the from and the back! These scans form Alpha Flight #117 are brought to you by Get X.

Son of M: Uncensored

A while back, soem cans were posted featuring Quicksilver in the shower from his Son of M Limited series, unfortunately, a pesky dialog box got in the way of us seeing his backside. Luckily, Dermie was able to find this preview which shows the speedster's unobsured ass.

Cyclops & Wolverine in Togas

Here's something for those of you out there who are into greek mythology or frat fantasies. Cyclops and Wolverine... in togas! These scans were brought to you by Cyke.

Sodam Yat & Other Green Lantern Goodness

Terry shares with us some emerald eye candy:

Sodam Yat, the current Ion (though he isn't Ion yet in this scan) with his costume damaged.

A couple of supporting characters loose their shirts (and their sanity) in Green Lantern v3 #151.

And as a bonus: Ollie and Kyle slashy scan! From Green Arrow #25.

May 21, 2009

Vintage Titans

Time for a trip down memory lane, here are some classic Titans scans coutesy of Jharen.

Jericho working out in purple briefs! I miss his mutton choops...

Aqualad sans shirt.

Shirtless Damage on a couch, with a girl (Arden?) near his crotch.

Red Star with his shirt ripped.

Disruptor, one of the Titan's oldest enemies.

Sabertooth Bondage

Get X sent in these scans from Sabertooth and Mystique featuring everyone's favorite villainous wildman, naked and in chains! Oh, the slash fics these images will produce...

Animated Superman & Lex Luthor

Vespa331 shares with us these scans from the comic book adaptation of the World's Finest Batman/Superman movie:

According to her:
From Batman/Superman Animated (the comic adaptation of the animated movie) comes one of my favorite scenes ever - Superman wandering around his room shirtless while Batman watches him through binoculars. Awesome. Superman says "Touche" because when he met Batman he peeked and found out that he was Bruce Wayne, so Batman put a tracer on him to find out he was Clark Kent.

Bonus Lex Luthor after a workout!

May 10, 2009

Peter Parker in the Shower

So Peter is wet and naked again! He's like a beefcake goldmine. But damn that steam for covering his man parts! These scans from Spider-Man #593 were brought to you by Tribal44.


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