May 2, 2009

More Catman Nudity

The rebooted Catman seems to spend half his panel time in Secret Six in some state of undress, I would too if I was a formerly fat minor villain who turned into a super-hunky anti-hero. These scans were brought to us by Terry and according to him, when Catman isn't strutting around naked, "he's either impregnating somebody or is the main victim of almost-ploys of sperm theft for the purpose of impregnation". I have to start reading this title!

(Just noticed that scans from this issue has been posted before, sorry for the double post).


Lagosta said...

Secret Six is one of my favorite comics right now and he's one of the reasons why.

Winter said...

it's okay, you can double post naked catman pics anyway..he's absolutely the reason why I'm reading secret six. You should definitely check it out..its funny as hell


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