November 15, 2012

More Young Aquaman Shirtlessness

So, according to a poll over at MTV Geek, Aquaman is the Sexiest Superhero Alive. I'm not surprised, Arthur looks positively hunky in the current Aquaman run thanks to Ivan Reis' artwork. See for yourself, here's some scans from Aquaman #0 in which Arthur goes mental after his beloved dad dies and learns more about his (post-Flashpoint) heritage.

Shirtless Superboy in Handcuffs

In Superboy #13, NYPD Detective Jocelyn Lure, wearing some a fancy outfit and some cool gear goes to Superboys apartment for a "friendly chat", but when she discovers that he has piles of money laying around in his room, so she did what any law enforcement officer would do, wake the boy up at gunpoint, handcuff him and allows the suspect to fly her away from the evidence. Good job, officer. Oh, and this all happened while Conner is in nothing but his undies. Hooray for fanservice! I like me some light Superboy bondage.

The Eagles of Rome Book 3

My posts featuring The Eagles of Rome Books 1 & Book 2 are two of them most popular posts on this blog. I wonder why? It may have something to do with the gorgeous art, the ancient Rome setting, the frequent sexual activity or the frontal nudity scenes, who can tell? I just wish it didn't take 2 years for each TPB to come out. So here are some scans from The Eagles of Rome Book 3, or as I like to call it, the Further adventures of Marcus  and Arminius.

SwordQuest: Waterworld

Here are some scans from the final entry in the Swordquest series, Waterworld drawn by the legendary George Perez. The twins loose their memories and are separated. Torr stumbles upon a water breathing Green chick who makes him her consort while Tarra hooks up with some pirates. Can I just say that I like that the brother was the one who became a consort dressed in skimpy clothing while the sister became a butch pirate. It almost always the opposite of what happens.

So that's it for SwordQuest folks, Airworld was never made & the story (and the game series) remain unfinished.

Flash Gordon Swimming

In Flash Gordon #1 (1988, published by DC), Flash and Dale Arden go for a little swim... on an alien planet. With no clue whether the water is safe to swim in. Or if it's even water to begin with. Flash dives right in, Dale had he doubts but eventually succumbs to peer pressure. Any excuse to see beefcake & cheesecake I say.

Ka-Zar The Savage

Time for some old school Ka-Zar beefcake in all his 1980's art style glory. The following scans are from Ka-Zar the Savage #5. I wish his loincloth was still this skimpy.

November 7, 2012

Young Justice: Shirtless Boys in Tubes

Here are a couple of caps from Auld Acquaintance, Young Justice's Season 1 finale,  in which we see a semi-shirtless Match (another teen Superman Clone) & a bare-chested Roy Harper (Arsenal) in suspended animation tubes. I swear they do this on purpose to make the fangirls (and some of us fanboys) squee. And I love them for it! So to the writers of Young Justice: Thanks for giving us beefcake (and cheesecake too!).

Namor & Colossus' in Phoenix Five Costumes, Part 2

Here are more scan featuring Phoenix Five Men in those sexy costumes of theirs from Avengers vs X-Men #7. It seems Cyclops is the only one who doesn't like showing a bit of skin.

Bonus: Random Wakandan dude.

Spider-Man & Kaine in Spider-Island

Time for some Spider-Man beefcake. Peter shows some skin in Amazing Spider-Man #672, part 6 of the Spider- . He swaps clothes with his clone, Kaine (giving us a good shot of Pete in his boxer briefs) & then gives his shirt to a spider-powered Mary Jane who has managed to lose her top. I love it when Peter looses his shirt!

Nightwing Shirtless in Games

Nightwing's Disco costume is back! Well, at least it was before Dick took of the top part to give us some eye candy, I mean, have his injuries treated. The following scans are from New Teen Titans: Games, a oneshot that was originally supposed to have been published in the 80's (during the height of NTT's popularity) but which has only been recently completed & published in 2011. I loved revisiting this incarnation of the team. It was nice to see the "Discowing" costume one last time before the reboot, Donna's original Troia costume & Beast Boy's mullet? Not so much.


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